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A Note on Dormancy

Posted in Announcements on September 6, 2014 by mohawko

If you’ve visited the site in the last number of months, you’ll notice that there hasn’t been anything new. As you might be able to guess, The Safety Pin Review is effectively over (at least in its current iteration), but we are determined to end this right – in the nebulous future, there will be at least one more issue and, yes, the winner of our contest.

In the meantime, there are over 50 back issues to look at!

Apologies for any email that has gone unanswered – the only thing to blame here is my own human inefficiency.




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Popular demand dictates that we EXTEND OUR 1st CONTEST DEADLINE to January 1, 2014 at midnight.

Which means you have until THE NEXT YEAR to finish honing your 75-character masterpieces.

Check out the full contest guidelines here.

Resolutions aside, this may be the best decision you make in the last three weeks of this calendar year.



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The editorial we of the Safety Pin Review are thrilled to announce our first-ever contest, details of which can be found below. Not only will the winning piece be distributed and worn by at least four operatives across the globe (and later turned into a shirt!), but it will also be painted, designed and presented in a radical new format as yet unseen in the SPR. We are so excited to read your work.

Please read all of the contest guidelines carefully, as they are quite different from our regular submissions guidelines.

*If you’re new to the SPR (welcome!), I’d recommend you check out our About page and one of our back issues to see what we’re about.*

The winning piece will be painted onto a patch, which will then be distributed to 4-5 operatives around the country/world, who will wear it simultaneously for a week. The patch will be designed in a form very different from all of our past issues. I can assure you: it won’t be anything like we’ve done before.

In addition, the work will be published digitally as an issue of the Safety Pin Review, with accompanying action photos and commentary by the operatives. Finally, later on down the line, it will be made into a t-shirt, which will be given free to the winning author and be available to all for purchase.

Submissions are open from November 1, 2013 to midnight on December 15, 2013  January 1, 2014. The winning piece will be announced in January 2014, and published in various forms shortly thereafter.

Each piece should be no longer than 75 characters, including spaces, and including title. Titles are not necessary, and may only serve to frustrate your character count, but if used should be put in quotes. Yes, it’s extremely short, but we like it this way.

Please do not send previously published work.

Because these entries are so short (and thus tacitly encouraging of wild, voluminous experimentation), please limit your submission to three well-honed pieces.

While we generally encourage formal experimentation, given the way in which the winner will be published for this contest all submissions must be in plain text – that is, you should stay away from anything that requires alternate fonts, mysterious foreign characters, or wonky formatting, because it cannot be maintained for publication. On a similar note, please do not include line breaks.

Any submissions heedless of the above technical guidelines (for shame!) will be ignored.

Far be it for us to dictate the content of your submissions, but given the peculiar way in which the winning entry will be published, here’s a list of encouraging words (which, in a way, are always relevant given the medium and format in which the SPR publishes):

Feel free to be meta, self-referential, mysterious, reflexive, reflective, algorithmic, corporal, ghostly, mythic, “within you,” aphoristic, ethereal, exhortative, inspiring, threatening, or none of the above. Rather than thinking of the pieces you’re creating as “stories” or “poems,” it may be better to think of them as “signs.” But then again, maybe not – if you’re stubborn, you’ll ignore all of this and it will still be great.

The contest is open to anyone and everyone, obviously. If you’ve worn, submitted to, or been published in the Safety Pin Review before (or even are wearing for this contest), all the better. Consider this eager encouragement to submit again.

To submit, please send submissions in the body of an email to safetypinreview [at] gmail [dot] com with the words “SPR contest” in the subject line. Please do not send attachments – the text should be simple enough that you don’t need them. Include a line introducing yourself. We like to know who’s taking the time to send work our way.

There is no entry fee, because that’s not punk at all.

To sum up: send up to three (3) unpublished pieces of no more than 75 characters each (including spaces and optional title), in plain text, to safetypinreview [at] gmail [dot] com, with the words “SPR contest” in the subject line, between November 1 and December 15, 2013 January 1, 2014.

If you have questions, please ask in the comments so that everyone can see my responses.

Please note that regular submissions are *closed* during the entry period for contest submissions (between November 1 and December 15 January 1). They will re-open after the contest ends. If you’ve been fooling around with work to send us, why not whip it into a contest submission?

There are so few words; really, there’s no excuse not to enter. We are ecstatic to read what you come up with.


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!!! NEWSFLASH !!!!

Starting approximately next week, the SPR will attempt to feature a bi-weekly (i.e., occasional, between issues) round-up of news from its former contributors and operatives, including recent publications, announcements, awards, events, etc. This column will be called “________” (title to come). So, if you’re a previous contributor or wearer and have some recentish news about you or someone else from the SPR that you’d like to share, and that you think missed the eagle eye of our curator (rare), then please email us at safetypinreview [at] gmail [dot] com with the info and we’ll be sure to include it. Hit us up and LET’S PUBLICIZE THE PEOPLE WE LOVE.

So come on. Let’s do it. PUSH THE WHEEL OF LOVE. (This will probably be the title now.)

We are doing this because we are a huge enormous family. DISPATCH FROM A HUGE ENORMOUS FAMILY. (This could also be the title.)

LASSO OF LOVE (round-up, get it?).

In all likelihood, this will change titles every time.


2012 Best of the Net Nominations!!

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Welcome, at last, to the Safety Pin Review’s 2012 Best of the Net nominations. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been in existence for over a year.

This was an incredibly difficult and stressful decision to make, and we were unable to select all of the stories we wanted to nominate (which would be all of them, duh, and, the window of eligibility doesn’t cover the entirety of the SPR’s storied [ha!] first year.) But we are in love with what we’ve chosen, as we expect you will be too, or already are. Read them all again, for the fortieth time.

The nominees are…

*opens envelope*


  • Tucker Cummings, “Hic thalamum invasit natae vetitosque hymenaeos.” Issue Nine.
  • David Sklar, “The Fisherman’s Widow.” Issue Twenty-Eight.


  • Doug Paul Case, “On My Spaceship.” Issue Seven.
  • Laura Hallman. “The Science of Your Intimacy Phobia.” Issue Twenty.
  • Casey Hannan, “Where to Put Your Hand.” Issue Nineteen.
  • Brian Hurley, “High Five.” Issue Five.
  • Sonja Vitow, “After the Punch, Before the Swell.” Issue Twenty-Four.
  • xTx, “When You Take Things That Aren’t Yours.” Issue One.

The quotation marks signify ARBITRARY GENRE DIVISIONS. Word.

Congratulations to all of the nominees, and enormous thanks to all the operatives for taking these stories to such exciting places. Here’s to hoping the SPR fucking storms the competition. With THUNDER-HOOVES.

I am still using the same paintbrush as I was a year ago.

Thank you all, readers and writers, for meaning the world to me.

The SPR International

Posted in Announcements on May 7, 2012 by mohawko

We have been erratic as of late. There are exciting things to come, though, heralded by this tweet:

Over the next month or so we are going to such exciting places. But first look where we’ve already been: Here we are in a really great article in Finzioni, an Italian literary/cultural magazine. If you don’t know Italian, run it through Google Translate. It will probably make your day a lot better. Thanks to Viviana Lisanti, who took the SPR to a whole new level.

Up until recently, I’ve tried to maintain the Safety Pin Review as a weekly magazine. But lately, it’s become impossible. Because all of our operatives are volunteers with crazy life-schedules of their own to deal with, it isn’t always possible to post issues and Action Shots as consistently as we’d like.

A lot of factors need to line up together in order to put together a great SPR issue, and, understandably, sometimes one falls out of place and things just don’t work out. Operatives have been known to disappear. Bearing this in mind, let’s go ahead and consider the Safety Pin Review a weekly, biweekly, and monthly magazine all at once. Rest assured we are always working, and will always strive to put out a quality issue, whenever it goes up. Word.

Our next issue should go up this week or next week, and then we should be on a steady stream for a while.

While you wait, why not peruse our newly updated and comprehensive as heck “Mentions / Press” page? It will probably be a good time. There are different languages there.

See you soon.


Me My We the World: Issue 24 Action Shots and Announcements

Posted in Action Photos!, Announcements, Issue Twenty-Four with tags , , , , , on April 8, 2012 by mohawko

Oh my. We have so many things to show and tell you. First, on Thursday we were written about in the Los Angeles Times book blog “Jacket Copy” by Carolyn Kellogg, and it has been a surreal deluge of social media ever since. So many Facebook likes, so many retweets, so many new submissions and new friends. Our traffic has spiked to levels unheard of.

From the bottom of our collective hearts, we thank you all so much for your support. It means the world to us. Obviously this feels like a very, very big step.

Yet we have such places to go.

Because You Know that Path Leads Somewhere Special

Places like here, like California, now, this week, our heart of hearts, with our Operative A.K. Mayhew, whose back is now featured so prominently in the LA Times, wearing Sonja Vitow’s brutal little story. Fresh from this week’s operative, we present these gloriously high-defined Action Shots.

The Land of Grass that Is Green

Speaking of which, Sonja has a story in the latest Gulf Coast, and we’ll be damned if it didn’t give us chills. It’s called “Master Bedroom,” and you must read it. You simply must. (The bio says it’s her first publication, but, oh, we know.)

I Just Want Somewhere to Rest My Tired Feet

It’s an exquisite little juxtaposition, we think, the stabbing beauty of Sonja’s SPR story so harmoniously matched with its environs.

A Coffee Is A Coffee Is A Coffee Is A PUNCHINTHEFACE

In the past day the Los Angeles Times article has been tweeted by some of our very favorites, among them: The Lit Pub; “The Book Bench,” The New Yorker’s literary blog; NAP Magazine; J. Bradley; xTx; oh my, there are too many. We thank them all.


And this is to all of you, to each and every one who ever needs a boost: we will always give you a shout-out.

* * *

PS. Some anonymous internet commentators have made snarky remarks about our ‘about’ page and how we pledge that our operatives are a collective network of “punks, thieves, and anarchists.” We tweeted this yesterday, and it should be obvious by now in any case: