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Please note that since the Safety Pin Review will no longer be publishing new material and is closed for submissions, we will no longer be accepting donations [aka I’ve removed the “Donate via Paypal” button below]. Thank you so much for all of your past support. And look, buttons!

As of right now (3/6/12 @ 02:10– NO LONGER!!), the Safety Pin Review is funded entirely by its editor. We’re also greatly indebted to the authors who forgo payment for their stories in order to help support the Review. We’re supported by social media and on the backs of our operatives. Clearly we have no advertisers.

In the interest of full transparency, our current costs break down as follows:

  • ~$5.00/yard black fabric (thus far, it’s always been on sale at Hobby Lobby) (UPDATE!!!! The SPR is now based in NYC, where there is NO HOBBY LOBBY IN SIGHT. NY prices apply.)
  • $1.00 per accepted story.
  • ~$2.00/story to mail to operative.
  • ~$45.00 (so far) on safety pins (!)
  • ~$17.00 hosting fees/year (via Dreamhost).
  • Miscellaneous paint/brushes/etc.
  • Fun fact: it takes about 3 hours to paint a story.

So, it’s not much, but it’s something.

There are several things you can do to help keep us going. You could send us a story, or donate your back for a week as an operative (get in touch via email, safetypinreview [at] gmail [dot] com). If you want to financially support this venture, please consider donating via the magical Paypal button below. If you donate $1.00 or more, I will mail you a 1-inch Safety Pin Review button (pressed by the fine folks over at Decaying Youth Buttons) so you can wear it all the time, so make sure to put your proper address in the Message box when you’re donating.

Thank you for reading us.

Supporters (as of 7/13):


BUTTONS @safetypinreview

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