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Getting Colder: Action Shots 3-6

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A collection of Action Shots from Issue Twelve, while we wait for Issue Thirteen to suit up. Operative Nosy took a frigid stroll down to Occupy Harvard, only to find it curiously abandoned.

So Long to the Circus

Clearly, the tsunami from our last piece did not spare the fair grounds of Cambridge. The tents are pitched to contain infection, or something. There are some people in the distance, possibly hostile. Nosy surveys the spire-tops for visible threats, finds none.

Mounting Threats

No snow yet.

The Emptying-Out

In all likelihood, this is one competition that Nosayr is destined to lose:

Staring Contest

Issue Thirteen will be up tonight or tomorrow morning.

Christmas Come Early: Issue Twelve Action Shot #2

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Trickling in like the finest of molten holiday fudges, here is the second Action Shot from Natalie McNabb’s Issue Twelve.

Santa's #1 Bringer

Take that Christmas spirit and NAIL IT TO THE WALL (in a nice wire frame).

Praying for a new job, perhaps?


Post-Pre-Inter-Collegiate Exam Stress

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Transmitting back from the glittered campus of Harvard College, we have our first Issue Twelve Action Photo, which features– as so many things do these days– multitudinous, simultaneous techno-penetration.

A Boy & His Laptop

I feel like this is many college campuses at this moment in time (mine included). Only Harvard has nicer chairs. LOOK AT THAT SPOTTED LEOPARD PRINT FABRIC. ABSTRACT.

Issue Twelve!!

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Welcome, welcome back to the Safety Pin Review, to celebrate a dozen issues literary goodness. Today’s radio show is up for download over at the SPR on the Radio! section of the site, if you’re into the auditory thing (you should be, this show’s a doozy). This story is roaming around on the back of Nosayr Yassin, a student at Harvard. Anywho, here ’tis:

ISSUE TWELVE (12/5/11):

A Class of ’08 Alumna on 7-1-11

Operative: Nosayr Yassin (Cambridge, MA)

About the author: Natalie McNabb was shortlisted for The Micro Award and Glass Woman Prize in 2011. Her writing appears in Norton’s Hint FictionWigleaf and other publications. Please visit her at

(We should also note that there’s a piece by our editor up at Specter Magazine, which gives a makeshift history of the Safety Pin Review.)