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Happy Food! Issue 34 Action Shots & A Report from Berit

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HELLO THERE. We have photos of teeming masses in Norway, with whom Berit shared elbow space during a giant food festival a few weeks ago, alongside a report from the operative herself. Dig in:

“Happy Food”:
a report by Berit Ellingsen

I had the pleasure of wearing Chad Patton’s story at a local food festival named “Gladmat,” which means “happy food” in English.

The festival sees mainly adults from the age of 18 to 50, many couples and groups of friends. We therefore decided that a story about unhappy or unrequited love would suit the food well. Simon selected Chad Patton’s little tale about domestic disharmony and sent the story with a bag o’ pins well ahead of time.

In case of really bad weather, which one always has to take into account in Norway, we decided that I’d wear the story at the local IKEA, for the sardonic flavor.

On the Friday of the festival, the weather was grey and overcast, but not too cold. People didn’t seem to mind the less than perfect weather and turned up in large numbers to sample the baked goods, cakes, smoothies, juices, vegetables, sea food, meat dishes, liquor and food related presentations and events on offer. While walking in the crowds between two lines of food tents, beer tents and restaurant tables along the pier, I learned that

1: In a dense crowd people have to watch their step more than the people and the stories around them.

2: In a dense crowd near water, one should not go too close to the edge, in case someone has an episode of poor balance.

I therefore decided to avoid the densest crowds and sought out more open parts of the festival crowds. I also walked further up into the city streets, where there were quite a few cruise-ship tourists sightseeing and shopping.

Saturday was sunny and warm, which brought even denser crowds to the festival. I heard several different Norwegian dialects, from the north, south, east and west of the country, plus Swedish, British English, American English, Scottish English, Spanish, Italian and German, so the story was potentially seen by people from all over the world.

Every year the food festival draws tens of thousands of people over the long weekend it lasts. It has not yet been announced how many people were at this year’s festival, but it didn’t seem any less than in previous years.


* * *

See you soon. There may be exciting announcements next week if things go our way (we sometimes try to force things to go our way; sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t). We hope we will.

Issue Thirty-Four!!

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For the latest issue of the Safety Pin Review, we have once again traveled far across the seas, this time, allllll the way to Stavanger, Norway, land of the fjords, where this story was worn by previous SPR contributor Berit Ellingsen. There are pictures of thousands to come, but in the meantime, HERE LOOK THERE IT IS CATCH IT BEFORE THE DISCORD HITS YOU:



For Sale: Sold”

by Chad Patton

Operative: Berit Ellingsen (Stavanger, Norway)

In case you have trouble reading, the story goes a little sumthin’ like this:

For Sale:  Sold
She heard the noise;
I heard it too. We
looked in places unexplor-
ed, nooks and crannies,
ceilings and floors.
We found each other,
nothing more.

About the author: Chad Patton is a graduate of Grand Valley State University and lives in Grand Rapids, MI. His works can be seen in Unstuck‘s Twitter Fiction Contest, Specter Magazine, and Commas and Colons. He is currently working on a novel about Nicaragua. You can find his tweets under @chadisman.

About the operative: Berit Ellingsen is a Korean-Norwegian writer whose stories have appeared in many places online and in print. Her novel, The Empty City, is a story about silence. Find out more at


Stay tuned for the throngs, later this week. Oh yes, the throngs.