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“Doug Paul Case Does Not Condone Sexual Violence”: Action Shots 1-4

Posted in Action Photos!, Issue Seven with tags , , on November 4, 2011 by mohawko

Well, hello there. Welcome to the first batch of Issue Seven Action Photos. This picture was taken by metallic wonder G. Nissen, who will soon be boasting an SPR story on his back, one that would fit quite perfectly among those hanging there on the clothesline, as a matter of fact.


Following that, we have several Simon-strolling-across-campus shots that seem to have become our stock-in-trade, seeing as it’s what I do the most of.




On Sunday, “On My Spaceship” is going to see some live music (two bands featured on last week’s installment of “Centerpiece,” as a matter of fact). There will be photos.

And next week, Safety Pin Review goes to New York: Issue Eight will be worn around NYC by Operative (and author) Brian Hurley.


In an interaction that must be credited entirely to online social media, I tweeted Margaret Atwood last night (because she rocks my socks), something about “wearable fiction” and how she should submit a story to us, and then this morning, she retweeted my post to her approximately 270K followers. Since then, website traffic hit its highest daily sum since the debut issue featuring xTx dropped back in September. Yowza! With bated breath, we now await stories from Sherman Alexie and Margaret Atwood both. Sights high. Maybe this will pressure them.

And, thanks to a generous donation from one of our contributors, the Safety Pin Review is now proudly hosted at We certainly do appreciate it. Mad props.

Issue Seven!!

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Happy Halloween, and welcome back to the party that never ends. We’re here with none other than Issue Seven. Amazing. Who would’ve thought we’d last this long? Stream today’s upbeat and punky radio show from WECI’s website at 4 PM EST (use the Amarok streaming # in iTunes to more reliably avoid abject failure). Next week we take New York. So now then.

ISSUE SEVEN (10/31/11):


On My Spaceship

by Doug Paul Case

Operative: Simon (Richmond, IN)

About the author: Doug Paul Case recently graduated from Emerson College, where he edited The Emerson Review. His work has appeared in PANKAnnalemmaWord Riot, and others. He is an MFA candidate in poetry at Indiana University.