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Issue Forty!!

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Welcome, welcome, to All Hallow’s Week. In the midst of unprecedented weatherly anomalies, we are proud to present our devastatingly special fortieth issue, worn about the environs of Grand Rapids, MI, by fearless Operative Chad Patton, himself a former SPR contributor. We bring these mysterious words to you from distant lands:

ISSUE FORTY (10/29/12):


Ken Baumann

Operative: Chad Patton (Grand Rapids, MI)

About the author: Ken Baumann is. For more, see

About the operative: Chad Patton is an English teacher, a swim coach, a rookie beer brewer, and a writer. He lives in Grand Rapids, MI with his fiancée/volunteer photographer of things pinned to his back.

Mauling Wales: Issue 39 Action Shots!

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We are proud to present the following Action Shots, brought to us off the rainy streets and from the shiny white malls of Cardiff, Wales by Operative Rebecca L. Brown, sporting her some Mel Bosworth.  BRING IT ON, Welsh-style:


Look at the way the floor pattern moves!

Pondershot #1

Mel’s story inspires deep stares.


This mall; Grecian, in its dimensions.

Pondershot #2


Pondershot #3


Pondershot #4


ACCESSORIZE THIS (Pondershot #5)

Ghosts in boxes.

The Coming Hordes


City Glaze

This is visual poetry.



Hand in Hand in Umbrella


An enormous round of applause to our operative abroad, Rebecca, for making this happen, and to Mel Bosworth, for taking us down so damn far.

Issue Thirty-Nine!!

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Hello there! We’ve arrived at the shores of our fabulous thirty-ninth issue, and what a ride it’s been. This issue was worn throughout Cardiff, South Wales (YES) by Operative Rebecca, arbiter of the strange and horribly lost. We are proud to present:



“Carla’s Purples”

by Mel Bosworth

Operative: Rebecca L. Brown (Cardiff, South Wales)

About the author: Mel Bosworth is the author of the novel Freight. Visit him at

About the operative: Rebecca L. Brown is a British writer and artist based in Cardiff, South Wales where she lives with her two cats and wonderful partner. For more news and updates, take a look at her blog.


Missing Steps: Issue 38 Action Shots

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At last, we present to you a series of action shots from Diane’s story, worn by Operative Katy around the campus of Arkansas Tech.

It Is Spring in Our Hearts


: D




: D


Life on Screen


: D


Mucho thanks to Operative Katy Featherston for wearing this story in such fine style.


By the way, we were recently interviewed on the Six Questions For… blog, so you should check that out straightaway, find out a little more about our druthers.

Issue Thirty-Eight!!

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Hello all! We’re back and bigger than ever (as usual) with our 38th issue, a killer being worn across the hard-knock sidewalks of Arkansas Tech on the back of Operative Katy Featherston. Watch us work it in sepia:




by Diane D. Gillette

Operative: Katy (Russellville, AR)

About the author: Diane D. Gillette (@digillette) is a grad student in education.  You can stalk her at She lives in Chicago with the love of her life and their two cats.

About the operative: Katy Featherston has sufficiently sold her soul to the Music Department at Arkansas Tech University.


Also, previous SPR contributor David Greenspan has been crowing about us on his blog. Check it out.