Issue Forty!!

Welcome, welcome, to All Hallow’s Week. In the midst of unprecedented weatherly anomalies, we are proud to present our devastatingly special fortieth issue, worn about the environs of Grand Rapids, MI, by fearless Operative Chad Patton, himself a former SPR contributor. We bring these mysterious words to you from distant lands:

ISSUE FORTY (10/29/12):


Ken Baumann

Operative: Chad Patton (Grand Rapids, MI)

About the author: Ken Baumann is. For more, see

About the operative: Chad Patton is an English teacher, a swim coach, a rookie beer brewer, and a writer. He lives in Grand Rapids, MI with his fiancée/volunteer photographer of things pinned to his back.


2 Responses to “Issue Forty!!”

  1. I love this one!

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