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Incestuous Holding Pattern (Issue Nine Action Shots)

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Please enjoy the following hypnotic trio of Action Shots of our Operative In Motion At Night while listening to Pearl Jam’s “Alive” whilst the SPR gremlins put the final touches on Issue Ten.

Please hold.

Fundamentally Evil: Issue Nine Action Shots 1-4

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At last, the first crop of Operative Graham in Action photos from Tucker Cummings’ Issue Nine.

The Hoodie Hides A Prosthesis, Take the Left

This week’s radio show—which features some very evil-sounding tunes by the likes of Shub-Niggurath, Arvo Pärt, and avant-garde performance troupe Von Magnet—is now available for download in its entirety. Listen to it. It feels like you’re part of something evil or cultic.


Here at the Safety Pin Review, we love classics. As in Issue Nine, a tale as if from ancient legend, writ very tiny. We can’t quite get over it.

Other Human In Motion

Operative Graham will be running for president one day. The title of this week’s story will be his campaign slogan.

Big, Open Spaces in Rural Indiana

This last photo came from the original portrait session at the graveyard by our school, but I felt I had to post it. It’s nice. Use it as your desktop or Facebook profile picture. We don’t mind.

The Voices of the Dead

Forthcoming Safety Pin Review author Harper Hull has an interview up at Nora B. Peevy’s blog, which makes kind mention of our zine and which you should probably read to familiarize yourself with Mr. Hull before his work appears on another back in a few weeks.

Issue Nine!!

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For the much-anticipated Issue Nine, we present a classical drama of towering proportions. Hear it in all its Latin glory on this week’s installment of “Centerpiece,” Monday at 4 PM EST (stream it here, using the Amarok # in iTunes, blahblah), or download it tonight for your permanent collection. Operating our story this week is the irrepressible metallite Graham Nissen. Glory be.

ISSUE NINE (11/14/11):


“Hic thalamum invasit natae vetitosque hymenaeos”

by Tucker Cummings

Operative: Graham Nissen (Richmond, IN)

About the author: Tucker Cummings channels all her creativity into her stories at, which is why the name of her Twitter account (@TuckerCummings) and blog ( are so goshdarn obvious.