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Hello, all. The Safety Pin Review is taking a week-long holiday break, so there isn’t a new story this week, but we’ll be back soon and submissions are still wide, wide open. Why don’t you write something about Paul Robeson (2), shoplifting, steampunk, or David Bowie? It could be fun.

In the meantime, write a story, submit a story, and/0r familiarize yourself with the City of Brotherly Love, because that’s where we’re going next.


Funtimes with Bears (Part 2): Action Shots 7-10

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Mallers need food. Not necessarily Chinese food (no fortune cookies here), but sustenance nonetheless.

Nom Nom Nom #2

Refilling the bag of tricks.

Every Spencer's in Every Mall Looks Exactly, Exactly the Same

Bargains abound.


You know you what those rainbow belts.

Do These Match My Eyes?

…But alas, they were eighteen sizes too small.


Funtimes with Bears (Part 1): Action Shots 1-6

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Operative Eric sent a bunch of pics back from his prowling around New Jersey. Here’s the first sampling:

Feeling the Christmas spirit yet? Watch Eric decorate this fuckin’ tree.

Staring Contest #2


"Lookit This Guy"

After burning the tree, Operative E went to the mall with his posse, as evidenced here in the parking lot.

Mahoganize This

But as we well know, mauling is no fun without proper lubrication, and there was a minor stop to be made first. (These last three are probably my favorite grouping of Action Shots ever, by the way.)


Chug! Chug! Chug!

Man in Yellow Shirt Wishes He Had Someone to Talk To (Besides His Bluetooth)

New Jersians don’t need straws.

Stay tuned! Eric’s mall adventures will continue tomorrow.

We should also mention that the kind folks who run the superawesome Tumblr Fuck Yeah Punk Jackets posted a picture of our first issue, which has given our website a healthy boost of traffic. A round of drinks for everyone!


Issue Fourteen!!

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Well, well, well, we are BACK and bigger than ever with our tastiest issue yet. This week’s story will be worn around Montclair, New Jersey by Operative Eric Kranz, the ballin’-est fool around. Check it:

ISSUE FOURTEEN (12/19/11):


Swimming in Fortunes

by Thomas Michael Duncan

Operative: Eric Kranz (Montclair, NJ)

About the author: Thomas Michael Duncan is living the dream in Syracuse, NY. Stalk him on Twitter @ThomasMDuncan.


Prelude to A Coming Apocalypse: Issue 13 Action Shots 1-4

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A handful of Action Shots, from the abandoned streets and parks of Louisville, Kentucky. By the look of these photos, something ominous must be in the works, something much worse than a winter chill.

If A Tree Falls And No One Is Around to Hear It...


A stroll through the dog park revealed a decided lack of humanity. Rumor had it that, earlier in the day, gangrene-plagued Louisvillains were seen limping back towards their hovels, bits of flesh dropping off behind them. Everyone said something bad was gonna happen.

Sittin' and Thinkin'

Operative DJK was not convinced. As Trent Reznor might ask, while embodying a fifteen-year-old on the terrifying verge of “post”-pubescence (where do I put my angst now?) circa 1999, “WHERE IS EVERYBODY?

Only the Birds Knew

The drivers of the cars have all exploded.

Showdown at Derbytown

This, clearly, is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. He may be em-bronzened now, but when the clock strikes midnight… You just wait. Civil War re-enactment just got real.

The sky is about to open up.

Photos credit Amy Lueck.

Issue Thirteen!!

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Welcome, friends, to the hotly anticipated thirteenth issue of the Safety Pin Review! This is a red-hot fire poker of a story– you can download Monday’s radio show right here on the site; it’s a good one– and soak in the antique aura of the Civil War and a house filled with old objects. What. This week’s story is being worn by the inimitable Operative David James Keaton, who authored an SPR story way back in the day. In any event:

ISSUE THIRTEEN (12/12/11):


The Sewing Kit

by Rebecca Haze

Operative: David James Keaton (Louisville, KY)

About the author: Rebecca Haze is sixteen and confused. Twitter: @hazerebecca

Photo by Amy Lueck.


Getting Colder: Action Shots 3-6

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A collection of Action Shots from Issue Twelve, while we wait for Issue Thirteen to suit up. Operative Nosy took a frigid stroll down to Occupy Harvard, only to find it curiously abandoned.

So Long to the Circus

Clearly, the tsunami from our last piece did not spare the fair grounds of Cambridge. The tents are pitched to contain infection, or something. There are some people in the distance, possibly hostile. Nosy surveys the spire-tops for visible threats, finds none.

Mounting Threats

No snow yet.

The Emptying-Out

In all likelihood, this is one competition that Nosayr is destined to lose:

Staring Contest

Issue Thirteen will be up tonight or tomorrow morning.