Mentions / Press

This is a list of the wonderful places that have chosen to write about us/store us in their databases/rock our words/etc. Major, major thanks to all of you who have already done so, or are considering doing so. You deserve (more than) a hug.

And if you spot somewhere/someone who’s writing about us that we don’t have listed here, please shoot us an email and a link and we’ll get it sorted and posted straightaway. Really, it’s because of you that we’re able to do all of this.

-We were written about in April on the book blog of the Los Angeles Times, in “Have You Seen This Story?” People like Sonja Vitow and A.K. Mayhew got famous. Big thanks to Carolyn Kellogg for writing this article; it truly did wonders.

-An article about us appeared in the Dayton Daily News in May. In true newspapery style, there were a lot of puns. YES. Big ups to Sharon Short for stealing the day.

-Jim Harrington asked us six questions over at his Six Questions For… blog in October 2012.

-Our curator was interviewed by Dirk Walker in the inaugural episode of the Inside Joke podcast. Download it from iTunes.

Sherman Alexie wrote a post on his blog about us early on (you have to scroll way down to see it, or just Ctrl+F “brilliance.” Yup.). It was stunning. This guy was textbook reading in high school, and a formative influence.

-We are proudly listed on Duotrope as one of the “25 Swiftest” and “Most Personable” markets, two labels we are intent on maintaining for as long as humanly possible. Report your response times there, and throw these guys a dollar or two. They are literally what keeps hundreds of journals like us from going under. This is our writerly go-to. (And, read the curator’s interview they posted.)

-An online Italian literature/culture magazine called Finzioni: progetto di lettura creativa wrote an article about us in April, and when run through the magic of Google Translate, reveals extraordinary terms like “fiction of the subconscious” and “many punks and many dark lolita.”

-Margaret Atwood re-tweeted us once, and it was spectacular. At least one story has come out of it thus far.

Alisa Golden (handmade-bookmaker extraordinaire) was inspired by this project to create 20 (!) 30-word stories on tiny patches and put them all together into some of the most fucking beautiful little books you’ve ever seen.

-A.K. Mayhew has blogged about our pins, worn a story, and written a story. All trades.

-Suburban parties at Impose Magazine. (Thanks Josh Spilker, you rock hard.)

-Brian Hurley wrote about his story and his $4 million donation—which will keep the SPR solvent long after eternity has ended—over at Fiction Advocate.

-We’re also grateful to be listed on Flash Fiction Chronicles (proud “Others”!) and on NewPages—both great, great writerly resources.

-A French blog, “Dynamite Forum,” where we look CRAZY COOL (thanks @NoSexCity and Jack Cazir for that particular photo).

-xTx’s story on the back of our curator’s jacket snuck up on FuckYeahPunkJackets, a tumblr that will probably bring joy to your heart. People are so crafty.

-We’ve also showed up on Metafilter (snark!), Superpunch, and, now, on Pinterest (at least once under “Post-apocalyptic and dieselpunk fashion.” YES.)

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