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He Cast A Spell On Y’all Fools: Issue Six Action Shot #3

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This scene was captured after a stilted collegiate performance of a Tom Stoppard play. The other cat in this photo is none other than G. Nissen, forthcoming operative, primary SPR photographer, and ongoing author of the story “Raccoon Corpse Excavation.”


Note the glowing red demon eyes. He’s about to swallow a soul (it could be yours).

Photo by H. G. Fox.

Fun & Friends With A Staplegun: Dual-Action Shots from Issue Six

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The Literalist

Here on offer are two quite unique Action Photos of David James Keaton’s fine story, now gracing Issue Six. The first is a fairly literal interpretation of the story, taken out back-campus (look at that telephone pole!). The second comes from that chaotic hub of hubs, the single, campus cafeteria, during the heat of lunch hour, probably the most concentrated group of students (and, therefore, readers) to gather in one single place on a given day. (That shocked-looking fellow in the foreground is in my journalism class.)

Shocked & Amazed

I’ll just say again how much inspiration I take from all of your kind words about the Safety Pin Review. It gives me the confidence to ignore certain unfriendly aspects of the college experience and march headfirst into this exciting venture… If I could hug each and every one of you, I would. If we ever meet, I will.

Also… a particularly nice plug from Nat’l Book Award- and PEN/Faulkner-winner Sherman Alexie, a writer I’ve admired since my fiction-writing life began (senior year of high school), who wrote a really awesome post on his website about us. Check it out, read War Dances. Perhaps one day we’ll feature one of his stories…

Hopefully I’ll collect more photos to post throughout the week.

(First photo by T. Balcerzak, second by the markedly hairier E. Kranz.)

Issue Six!!

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IMMORTALITY. We’ve reached issue six. Listen to some wonderful, ambient creepiness, along with this story and others, today at 4 PM EST on “Centerpiece,” which can be streamed (use the Amarok # for iTunes) at Now then:

ISSUE SIX (10/24/11):


But It Made Them Easy to Climb

by David James Keaton

Operative: Simon (Richmond, IN)

About the author: David James Keaton‘s fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in Pulp Modern, Needle, and Crime Factory, among others, and he’s the editor of Flywheel Magazine, which will soon contain a lot more wheels.

(Photo credit T. Balcerzak.)