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Issue Forty-Nine!! (PART ONE)

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It brings us no end of joy to begin here our 49th issue, which will arrive over the next month in three distinct parts. That’s right – our 49th issue is composed of three pieces, a series, each part worn in a different week by a different operative in a different part of the country.

And yet, an element of family.

Tonight, we are proud to present the first part, the first of three methods, three gestures. This time, we have Operative Afra to thank for wearing the story around Austin, Texas. Without further ado:



“Scientific Method”

by James Tadd Adcox

Operative: Afra al-Mussawir (Austin, TX)

Operative: Afra al-Mussawir (Austin, TX)

About the author: James Tadd Adcox is the author of The Map of the System of Human Knowledge, available here. He lives in Chicago.

About the operative: Afra Al-Mussawir is a teacher, writer, nonprofit administrator, organizer, and favorite aunt. She is also currently under-employed, so if you would like to offer her a job, she will be your best friend for life (or at least until the next solstice).