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Prelude to A Coming Apocalypse: Issue 13 Action Shots 1-4

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A handful of Action Shots, from the abandoned streets and parks of Louisville, Kentucky. By the look of these photos, something ominous must be in the works, something much worse than a winter chill.

If A Tree Falls And No One Is Around to Hear It...


A stroll through the dog park revealed a decided lack of humanity. Rumor had it that, earlier in the day, gangrene-plagued Louisvillains were seen limping back towards their hovels, bits of flesh dropping off behind them. Everyone said something bad was gonna happen.

Sittin' and Thinkin'

Operative DJK was not convinced. As Trent Reznor might ask, while embodying a fifteen-year-old on the terrifying verge of “post”-pubescence (where do I put my angst now?) circa 1999, “WHERE IS EVERYBODY?

Only the Birds Knew

The drivers of the cars have all exploded.

Showdown at Derbytown

This, clearly, is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. He may be em-bronzened now, but when the clock strikes midnight… You just wait. Civil War re-enactment just got real.

The sky is about to open up.

Photos credit Amy Lueck.

Issue Thirteen!!

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Welcome, friends, to the hotly anticipated thirteenth issue of the Safety Pin Review! This is a red-hot fire poker of a story– you can download Monday’s radio show right here on the site; it’s a good one– and soak in the antique aura of the Civil War and a house filled with old objects. What. This week’s story is being worn by the inimitable Operative David James Keaton, who authored an SPR story way back in the day. In any event:

ISSUE THIRTEEN (12/12/11):


The Sewing Kit

by Rebecca Haze

Operative: David James Keaton (Louisville, KY)

About the author: Rebecca Haze is sixteen and confused. Twitter: @hazerebecca

Photo by Amy Lueck.