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The Eye of the Killer: Action Shots 3-5

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The SPR explodes in color with three more glorious Action Shots from Issue Eight!

Look at the composition of this shot. JUST LOOK AT IT.

Fresh Produce (NYC)

Our operative Brian Hurley had this to say about his experience thus far:

A couple of times while wearing the story around, or wrangling through crowds for a better shot, I asked myself “Why am I doing this again? This thing that takes time and effort and doesn’t really benefit me at all?” And instantly a voice would say “Because this project is fucking awesome, that’s why. Awesome in a way that needs no reward or justification. It just needs to be.”

Right on, brother!

A Riot of Colors and Flavors

Awesomeness. And a third:

"Lost & Searching in America"

Stay tuned for Issue Nine, starting Monday, featuring a lot of classy gentlemen.

Occupational Hazards

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As you should already know, Barry Basden’s wonderful story is currently making its way around the Big Apple on the back of the ferociously talented and extraordinarily handsome operative Brian Hurley, our first non-local operative. He’s spread the SPR love far and wide, and had others don the story for a night on the town. Thus, we are proud to present two new Action Shots, the likes of which I could never have imagined on that hot, sweaty night that the Safety Pin Review was conceived.

Check out this first one from Occupy Wall Street:

The People's Library Now Features Barry Basden (NYC)

(Model: Dan Gonzalez; photographer: Michelle Lipinski.)

This second photo is an expanded version of the profile shot. It’s terrifically cinematic.

You Can't Step to This (Times Square, NYC)

(Model: Michelle Lipinski; photographer: Dan Gonzalez.)

I think my fingertips are about to explode from excitement.

More to come.

Issue Eight!!

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Well, well. Things are certainly heating up. Straight from the heart of Times Square, we are proud to present Issue Eight, which is being worn this week by Brian Hurley & Company around New York City. Stream the radio show live Monday at 4 PM EST from here (use Amarok # in iTunes, etc.), or download it here later tonight. Ballin’. Here goes:

ISSUE EIGHT (11/7/11):



by Barry Basden

Chief Operative: Brian Hurley (New York, NY)

About the author: Barry Basden edits Camroc Press Review. His writing has appeared in many fine places. He lives in Texas but never hunts.

Wearing “Scope” in this photo is Michelle Lipinski, photographed by Dan Gonzalez.