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“Philly Stuff”: Action Shots 13-17

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Join the SPR on a tour of Philadelphia, guided by one of their own, Operative Laura.

You Want an All Local, Organic, Delicious Breakfast in Philly? (Yes.) You Want Estelle's. "You Mean the Best Breakfast of My Life Is in the Bottom of this Apartment Building?" Yes.

Nom nom nom.

South Philly Be Crazy

*Insert innuendo here.*

Italian Market. All the Meats and Cheeses and Weird Spices You Can Imagine. Can I Interest You in a Pig Foot While You Read?

Noms x2.

Let Freedom Ring. No Explosives Allowed on Premises. No One Said Anything About Explosive Literature.

One day, the bell will wear an SPR story.

I Feel Like the SPR Is Very Supportive of Me Posing in Front of the First Amendment.

True dat, Operative Laura. True dat.

Travis Jeppesen’s Revenge: Action Shot 12

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Operative Laura presents a Saturday Action Shot for your delectation:

Trip to the Dayspa for Facial and Hot Rocks Massage... Is This an SPR First?

Yes, it is.

Shirtless & Shoeless: Action Shots 9 + 10

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Dig these two brand spankin’ new Action Shots of Issue Fifteen.

Ever Seen a Barfly Fruitfly Before? How 'bout One with a Story on Her Back?

A note: namedrop the SPR in conversation and you’ll get like 40,000 totally unqualifiable “Cool Points,” which increase exponentially by a factor of 1 with each subsequent mention (i.e., 3 name-drops equates to 64,000,000,000,000 [that’s 64 trillion] cool points). Cool points are like karma, only better.

I'm a Little Frazzled Because That's a Wall of Prohibition Photos. That One Right There Says, "Lips That Touched Liquor Shall Not Touch Ours." Pish Tosh.

One shot of irony.

“Before You Wreck Yourself”: Action Shots 8 + 9

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Two more Action Shots have materialized from Operative Laura in Philly.

Can I Interest You in Some Reading Material in This Waiting Room While You Wait for the Doctor?

The Safety Pin Review: coming to a waiting room near you (nine issues late, of course.)

What's on the Menu? Some Tapas, Some Paella, Some Flash Fiction.

SPR, forever in bite-size quantities.

Product Placement: Issue Fifteen Action Shots 5-7

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Yes! Yes! Yes! More Action Shots transmitting in from Operative Laura!

Operation Sandwich

Mission: Possible.

Just Trying to Order a @^%#$ Chicken Sandwich. Take It Easy, Give Me a Moment, and Dig the Reading Material.

Touch-screen-ordering food (?!) has never been quite as visually dazzling as it is with the Safety Pin Review.

Nothing to See Here... I Mean, EVERYTHING to See Here.

As you can see, the SPR shuns all forms of brand-name advertising.


Townhousing Lottery: Issue Fifteen Action Shots 1-4

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We have our first batch of Issue Fifteen Action Shots, fresh from the domicile of Operative Laura. Dig them, please:

Walking Around Townhouses, Looking for Readers.

Hoodie tales.

No Time-Outs for the SPR, Even During Do-or-Die Football


Double Interception: Literary and Athletic



This Operative Is Getting to Every Living Creature, One Dog at a Time

The SPR has no species bias, not even plantlife. That undernourished ficus at the office? Turn around and TELL HIM TO FUCKING READ IT.

Issue Fifteen!!

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Welcome back, with the first issue of 2012. Dig it. This issue’s being worn about the Philadelphia area by forthcoming SPR author Laura Hallman. Now then:



The Child

by Mike Johnson

Operative: Laura Hallman (Philadelphia, PA)

About the author: Mike Johnson teaches math and English at Ivy Tech Community College.  He lives in Centerville with his wife and two children.

About the operative: Laura Hallman is like Judy Garland on the outside and Kathleen Hanna on the inside. Sometimes she’s at classy places, and sometimes she’s not.