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Fresh Fruit and Rotting Relationships: Issue 27 Action Shots

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Now presenting a set of Action Shots from our latest issue, warn by B.J. Jones around Dubuque, Iowa, during a weekly farmer’s market that starts up in the summer. Plenty of space for Benjamin King’s story to stretch its stubby legs. Larger than any life, here they are:

American Gothic Redux

. . .

Flowers of Reparation

. .

The Foodstands of Your Life

. . . .


. .

Debbie Knows of Such Things

. .

Life Lessons

. . .

The Open Iowan Road


Prelude to Divorce

. . . .

Acoustics (Emotional Violence)

. .

Plenty of Fish

. . .

What A Jam (!)

. . . .

Healthy Relationships Don’t Cut Corners


Mega-thanks to B.J. Jones for wearing Benjamin’s story and giving us such an eclectic and colorful collection of photos. Many crowds to witness “The Argument.”


Issue Twenty-Seven!!

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HELLO. We are back, back, back with our punchy twenty-seventh issue, our tersest story yet. This one is being worn by operative (and forthcoming SPR author) B.J. Jones around Dubuque, Iowa, terrorizing farmer and townsfolk and fruit and vegetable vendor alike. Let’s get combative:



The Argument

by Benjamin King

Operative: B.J. Jones (Dubuque, Iowa)

About the author: I am Benjamin King. My dumb Internet name is rollerfink. I publish Kirk Cameron fan fiction and Gilmore Girls spoiler alerts at

About the operative: B.J. Jones writes poetry, nonfiction essays, short fiction, and short short fiction. His poetry, nonfiction, and short short fiction have been published in various literary journals. He needs to work on his short fiction.