Fresh Fruit and Rotting Relationships: Issue 27 Action Shots

Now presenting a set of Action Shots from our latest issue, warn by B.J. Jones around Dubuque, Iowa, during a weekly farmer’s market that starts up in the summer. Plenty of space for Benjamin King’s story to stretch its stubby legs. Larger than any life, here they are:

American Gothic Redux

. . .

Flowers of Reparation

. .

The Foodstands of Your Life

. . . .


. .

Debbie Knows of Such Things

. .

Life Lessons

. . .

The Open Iowan Road


Prelude to Divorce

. . . .

Acoustics (Emotional Violence)

. .

Plenty of Fish

. . .

What A Jam (!)

. . . .

Healthy Relationships Don’t Cut Corners


Mega-thanks to B.J. Jones for wearing Benjamin’s story and giving us such an eclectic and colorful collection of photos. Many crowds to witness “The Argument.”


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