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“Sailing Over Coney Island”: Action Shots 9-13

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Ben Nadler took a solemn journey to Coney Island and came back with a suitcase full of Action Shots.

Psychedelic Treefrogs

Please listen to David Bowie’s “Slip Away” whilst enjoying these pictures. It is tonally appropriate.

Dwarven Coney

This is post-tsunami season.

Looking In/Keeping Out #1

Civilization may or may not have just ended.

Stopped Motion

It’s getting colder outside. Less folk on the boardwalk.

Looking In/Keeping Out #2

These are the gulls and the sand and the railing and the ocean and the boardwalk of something that no longer exists. Like the dwarves, or the deer.


Minotaur Heads: Action Shots 5-8

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Our fabulous rover Operative Ben has been roaming up a storm of tsunami-like proportions over there in New York. Here’s the latest installment of Action Shots.


Just hangin’ round. HAHAHAHAHAAAAA. (In a museum coat-check.)

Public Exposure

Two from the halls of academia (only slightly different in tone from the mines of Moria).

The Walls Have Eyes (And Ears And Toes)

This hallway would look nice adorned with be-plaqued minotaur heads, don’t you think?

Welcum 2 Grammar Skool

As he wrote, twenty unassuming freshman had their minds blown by microliterature.


Through the Portal! Action Shots from Issue Eleven!

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The first set of Action Shots from Issue Eleven was delivered in a nondescript manila envelope, tied with string. Postmarked Brooklyn, NY. Quaint, almost. Like an understated threat.

Suspicious Hooded Figure #2

We’re all about thresholds this week. The threshold of doom (read: incoming tsunamis), of domesticity, of fear, of love.

...the Moment I Put My Head on the Tracks

We’re also about memorializing artifacts from our pasts. The dwarven shield of protection. +2 to national defense, -1 to national security.

The World in Grey and White

Stay alert, homies.

This. Is. Meta.

Issue Eleven!!

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At last, we’ve made it. Here we are with Issue Eleven, which is being worn about Brooklyn, NY this week by Operative Ben Nadler, the creative genius behind last week’s Issue Ten. The radio show is already up for download, so go to it.

ISSUE ELEVEN (11/28/11):


I Wish I Had A Dwarven Shield

by Harper Hull

Operative: Ben Nadler (Brooklyn, NY)

About the author: Born in England, Harper Hull now lives in the sultry southern United States. He has work published or about to be published in 4 continents and can’t wait to hit that dark, mysterious fifth. More info at: