“Sailing Over Coney Island”: Action Shots 9-13

Ben Nadler took a solemn journey to Coney Island and came back with a suitcase full of Action Shots.

Psychedelic Treefrogs

Please listen to David Bowie’s “Slip Away” whilst enjoying these pictures. It is tonally appropriate.

Dwarven Coney

This is post-tsunami season.

Looking In/Keeping Out #1

Civilization may or may not have just ended.

Stopped Motion

It’s getting colder outside. Less folk on the boardwalk.

Looking In/Keeping Out #2

These are the gulls and the sand and the railing and the ocean and the boardwalk of something that no longer exists. Like the dwarves, or the deer.



2 Responses to ““Sailing Over Coney Island”: Action Shots 9-13”

  1. Fantastic wintry images for a very cool story!

    I like how you compared the Halls of Academia with the Mines of Moria in the previous post!

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