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SPR in Disguise: Issue Twenty-Two Action Shots

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What better place to take a Safety Pin Review story than New Orleans on Mardi Gras, that ultimate place of performance and wanton indulgence? Yes indeed. The fruits of Operative Ian‘s labors, posted below:

Our Operative

Natural skin tone, of course.

Classy Broads

Look at those locks.

Here's Looking at Yu, Kid

The most effective pill.

Lawyers Will Be the First Victims of the Disease That Sweeps This Nation

So many incidental readers on these streets, so much guerilla fiction going around.

Casting Off

*Insert Confederacy of Dunces reference here*




Apocalyptic Pastiche: Issue Twenty-Two (Audio)

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Download the weekly Safety Pin Review radio supplemental, broadcast Monday, February 20 on WECI 91.5fm, this week featuring our soon-to-be-heartbroken yet strangely coherent editor talking about Howie Good, William Burroughs, David Bowie (as per norm), and hardcore, amongst other things.


  1. And Now It’s Happening in Mine” – Touché Amoré
  2. “A Perfect Day to Chase Tornadoes” – Jim White
  3. “Cool Drink Water” – Gun Club
  4. “Sweet Thing / Candidate / Sweet Thing (Reprise)” – David Bowie (centerpiece)
  5. “The Vulture (Acts I & II)” – Gallows
  6. “I Am the Owl” – Dead Kennedys

Issue Twenty-Two!!

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At last, the hotly-anticipated twenty-second issue of the Safety Pin Review is ready for public consumption! It has already roamed the streets of New Orleans, Louisiana in disguise for Mardi Gras, seeking out nourishment to fill its cadaverous frame, all on the back of Operative Ian Nizialek. We proudly present:



“Fog Area”

by Howie Good

Operative: Ian Nizialek (New Orleans, LA)

About the author: Howie Good, a journalism professor at SUNY New Paltz, is the author of the forthcoming poetry collection, Dreaming in Red, from Right Hand Pointing.

About the operative: Ian Nizialek (New Orleans, LA) has never, ever looked back. Not once.

Radio supplemental and Mardi Gras photos coming soon.

Noir and Funeral: Issue Twenty-One Action Shots

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Action Shots from last week’s issue by J. Bradley, brought to you from Sleep No More by @NoSexCity and Jack Cazir. They speak for themselves.





















Issue Twenty-Two will go live tomorrow.

If I Had A Valentine: Issue Twenty Action Shots!

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Operative Jack Cazir took Laura Hallman’s story for a lengthy journey into the city for Valentine’s Day. Delivered to you, from the man himself (who, incidentally, has an article over at Thought Catalog about means to avoid similar situations in your own lifeliness.) Here goes, a solo love riot (words by Jack):

If I had a Valentine I’d buy her flowers and things with hearts and we’d eat at Momofuku and I wouldn’t sit alone.

If I had a Valentine we’d walk the High Line and maybe hold hands here.

Maybe here.

If I had a Valentine I’d shield her eyes.

I thought maybe I could find my Valentine in Times Square.

But this woman seemed more into Laura Hallman than me, which is fair.

I thought this Modigliani could maybe be my Valentine but she didn’t hardly even move.

Neither did this girl.

If I had a Valentine she’d explain Abstract art to me.

And remind me not to stand in front of the pictures.

If I had a Valentine she’d ignore all of this shit.

And put up with this shit.

…and I wouldn’t be so lonely.


We love you, Jack.

More to come.

Issue Twenty-One: Dead Bodies Everywhere! (Audio)

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Download the latest edition of our editor’s weekly radio show, available right here, in which we read this week’s J. Bradley story, ramble about ravens following you home, dredging up bodies from a Floridian swamp, “earthy” internet poetry, and listen to swampy punk. Broadcast from the depths of WECI at Just in time for Valentine’s Day. We present, with a knowing smile:


  1. “Spring Heeled Jack”/”Fall of the All-American” – the Nerve Agents
  2. “Gallow Is God” – the Distillers
  3. “The Hearts Filthy Lesson” – David Bowie
  4. “Infected” – Bad Religion
  5. “Conceptual Paths” – Tom Gabel
  6. “The Navesink Banks” – the Gaslight Anthem (centerpiece)

Post-show, smack-in-the-forehead revelation: I should have played Gun Club. I didn’t, but I would’ve played “For the Love of Ivy.” Greatest regret.

Stay tuned: coming up later tonight, a special grouping of Action Shots from Laura Hallman’s story, as worn by Jack Cazir, for you and your loved one.

Issue Twenty-One!!

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Hello, lovers. We are oh-so-proud to present to you our twenty-first issue, from a veteran SPR author. This one is double-teaming around New York City on the backs of Jack Cazir and @NoSexCity, alongside last week’s story by Laura Hallman. Watch them play, love, roam together. See how softly we all speak when horrific things happen. Welcome, friends, to the Valentine:



“October 2001”

by J. Bradley

Operatives: Jack Cazir and @NoSexCity

About the author: J. Bradley is a contributing writer to Specter Magazine and the Interviews Editor of PANK Magazine. He lives at Follow him on Twitter @iheartfailure.

About the operatives: Jack Cazir and @NoSexCity (NYC, south and north Brooklyn) operate in the shape of a Venn diagram.

Issue Twenty: How We Yearn (Audio)

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Download and listen to our editor’s radio show, broadcast from WECI 91.5fm, Richmond, IN’s public radio– featuring Laura Hallman’s story and various, pointless (yet ultimately revealing) pontifications– in its entirety, following this link. See below for tracklist and miscellanea.


  1. “Thirteen Years Without Peter King” – the World/Inferno Friendship Society
  2. “Where the Moss Slowly Grows” – Tiger Army
  3. “Blake Says” – Amanda Palmer
  4. “Because of the Shame” – Against Me! (centerpiece)
  5. “Evil Thoughts” – Foxy Shazam
  6. “This House Is Empty Now” – Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach
  7. “Champagne Supernova” – Oasis

Issue Twenty!!

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We are proud to present our twentieth issue, taking strides around NYC on the back of Operative Jack Cazir. A download of our weekly radio show, “Centerpiece,” starring the words of this week’s author, is forthcoming. In the meantime, read and memorize the following beautiful words:

ISSUE TWENTY (2/6/12):


“The Science of Your Intimacy Phobia”

by Laura Hallman

Operative: Jack Cazir (NYC)

About the author: Laura Hallman (@l_hallman) can be found within the archives of Dr. Hurley’s Snake Oil CureSea Giraffe Magazine, and 3:AM Magazine.  She appears regularly in Peripheral Surveys and Side B Magazine.

About the operative: Jack Cazir writes for Thought Catalog and is probably very lonely.

Everyone in NYC Has A Crush on Casey Hannan: Punch-Drunk with the SPR (Issue Nineteen Action Shots)

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Photographic fractals– a frat party, a blurry subway ride, the ankles and calfs of friend and stranger alike– are all that remain of our nineteenth issue, written by Casey Hannan and worn by David Meyers around New York City. All exude warmth, a joyous and cozy context for Casey ‘s generous story.

Let the flannel take you someplace quiet, somewhere with gentle, lapping waves and lots of body hair. Repeat the story over and over in your head as you go. Take us now, Casey:





mr. demille






space david + finger


jeank nees






please don't jump




we are two strangers but we are the same


close friendz


others who are not so close


best friendz

“Kiss him. Kiss your best friend.”