Everyone in NYC Has A Crush on Casey Hannan: Punch-Drunk with the SPR (Issue Nineteen Action Shots)

Photographic fractals– a frat party, a blurry subway ride, the ankles and calfs of friend and stranger alike– are all that remain of our nineteenth issue, written by Casey Hannan and worn by David Meyers around New York City. All exude warmth, a joyous and cozy context for Casey ‘s generous story.

Let the flannel take you someplace quiet, somewhere with gentle, lapping waves and lots of body hair. Repeat the story over and over in your head as you go. Take us now, Casey:





mr. demille






space david + finger


jeank nees






please don't jump




we are two strangers but we are the same


close friendz


others who are not so close


best friendz

“Kiss him. Kiss your best friend.”


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