Issue Twenty-One: Dead Bodies Everywhere! (Audio)

Download the latest edition of our editor’s weekly radio show, available right here, in which we read this week’s J. Bradley story, ramble about ravens following you home, dredging up bodies from a Floridian swamp, “earthy” internet poetry, and listen to swampy punk. Broadcast from the depths of WECI at Just in time for Valentine’s Day. We present, with a knowing smile:


  1. “Spring Heeled Jack”/”Fall of the All-American” – the Nerve Agents
  2. “Gallow Is God” – the Distillers
  3. “The Hearts Filthy Lesson” – David Bowie
  4. “Infected” – Bad Religion
  5. “Conceptual Paths” – Tom Gabel
  6. “The Navesink Banks” – the Gaslight Anthem (centerpiece)

Post-show, smack-in-the-forehead revelation: I should have played Gun Club. I didn’t, but I would’ve played “For the Love of Ivy.” Greatest regret.

Stay tuned: coming up later tonight, a special grouping of Action Shots from Laura Hallman’s story, as worn by Jack Cazir, for you and your loved one.


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