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Issue Fifty-One!!

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At long last, during the winteriest of all months, the Safety Pin Review is proud to present its latest issue, 51 (!), summoned in from Alabama and worn on the back of Operative Jessica in Arkansas. Breathe in:

ISSUE FIFTY-ONE (12/16/13):


“A Present from a Small Distant World”

by Krystin Gollihue

issue 51 portrait

Operative: Jessica Otto (Jacksonville, AR)

About the author: Krystin Gollihue is the design editor for Black Warrior Review, a printer, pet astrologist, and candidate in the MFA program at the University of Alabama.

About the operative: Jessica Otto is a poet and avid bus rider. Hobbies include amateur photography and daydreaming about deep sea fishing. She sporadically blogs at



Issue Fifty!!

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WELCOME. I realize that we’ve been away for a little while (a bit over a month, all told), but we are BACK with Issue 50 (!!!!), worn by Operative Ashley around Orange County, CA. In the intervening time, we passed our two-year anniversary, which is also something. We are toddling now.

ISSUE FIFTY (9/30/13):


“The Way We Count to Infinity”

by Alisa Golden

Operative: Ashley Tobin (Orange County, CA)

Operative: Ashley Tobin (Orange County, CA)

About the author: Alisa Golden is the editor of Star 82 Review and teaches at California College of the Arts, where her students set their words in metal type and print them via letterpress (

About the operative: Ashley Tobin is a sophomore at Orange County School of the Arts. She is enrolled in the Creative Writing conservatory, and very much enjoys  writing poetry, flash fiction, and short stories. Ashley is finding it very difficult to write her bio, and decided to end it here.


Stay tuned for action shots to come later this week, and please note that submissions are now OPEN. We’ll be responding to all of your pending submissions in the next two weeks. Thanks to all of you for being so patient while we catch up with ourselves.

Issue Forty-Nine!! (PART THREE)

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We are beyond thrilled to present the last part of Issue 49, the third poem in the “Scientific Method” series brought to us by James Tadd Adcox, here worn by longtime SPR supporter/contributor Tyler Gobble, during his last week in Indiana before shipping all the way to Austin, TX – where, by coincidence or design, the first poem in the series was worn. These, these are the last of the glory days:



“Scientific Method”

by James Tadd Adcox

Operative: Tyler Gobble (Central IN)

Operative: Tyler Gobble (Central IN)

About the author: James Tadd Adcox is the author of The Map of the System of Human Knowledge, available here. He lives in Chicago.

About the operative: Tyler Gobble is lead editor of Stoked, associate editor of Magic Helicopter Press, and a contributor with Vouched Books. He’s the author of four chapbooks, most recently 48 Pornos (Safety Third Enterprises), and his first full length collection of poems, More Wreck More Wreck, will be out from Coconut Books in the fall of 2014. More at


This weekend, the best damn Indiana you’ve ever seen.

Issue Forty-Nine!! (PART TWO)

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We are pleased to present the second gesture of our 49th issue, this time worn by Operative Dillon, who took the piece to Bonnaroo, in Manchester, TN. Later, we will see exactly what he brought back. We submit:



“Scientific Method”

by James Tadd Adcox

issue 49.2 portrait

Operative: Dillon J. Welch (Manchester, TN)

About the author: James Tadd Adcox is the author of The Map of the System of Human Knowledge, available here. He lives in Chicago.

About the operative: Dillon J. Welch lives in a hole in New Hampshire. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in The FiddlebackGargoylePANKHobart & others. He is Poetry Co-Editor for the online quarterly, Swarm. Find him at:

Issue Forty-Nine!! (PART ONE)

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It brings us no end of joy to begin here our 49th issue, which will arrive over the next month in three distinct parts. That’s right – our 49th issue is composed of three pieces, a series, each part worn in a different week by a different operative in a different part of the country.

And yet, an element of family.

Tonight, we are proud to present the first part, the first of three methods, three gestures. This time, we have Operative Afra to thank for wearing the story around Austin, Texas. Without further ado:



“Scientific Method”

by James Tadd Adcox

Operative: Afra al-Mussawir (Austin, TX)

Operative: Afra al-Mussawir (Austin, TX)

About the author: James Tadd Adcox is the author of The Map of the System of Human Knowledge, available here. He lives in Chicago.

About the operative: Afra Al-Mussawir is a teacher, writer, nonprofit administrator, organizer, and favorite aunt. She is also currently under-employed, so if you would like to offer her a job, she will be your best friend for life (or at least until the next solstice).

Issue Forty-Eight!!

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Hello! And welcome, at long last, to our 48th issue, proof that nothing ever really stands still. It comes to us courtesy of a repeat offender worn on the back of Operative Emily Ramser of Wake Forest, NC. Word has it we were once able to breathe here:



“Underwater Travel”

by David Tomaloff

Operative: Emily Ramser (Wake Forest, NC)

Operative: Emily Ramser (Wake Forest, NC)

About the author: David Tomaloff builds things out of ampersands and light. His work has appeared in several chapbooks, anthologies, and in fine publications. Send him threats:

About the operative: Emily Ramser is a poet and writer attempting to become a spoken word poet. Her audiences, though, are not too sure if this is going to work out. She’s been published in a handful of places, but prefers sticking up poems without her name on coffee shop bulletin boards. Check her out on Facebook, Twitter (@ChickadeePoems), or at her blog,

Issue Forty-Seven!!

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Our 47th issue comes to us from Maryland by way of New Jersey, where it was worn by intrepid Operative Cassandra through times both thick and thin. You will see them. In the meantime, you will see this:



“Them Wolfs Who Laugh Like Hyenas”

by Rion Amilcar Scott

Operative: Cassandra Gillig (New Brunswick, NJ)

Operative: Cassandra Gillig (New Brunswick, NJ)


Busted curb trip me, man. Lip split wide open. I let out a blood- raw yelp, blowing red spit bubbles. White wolf by the door laugh. Them wolfs got no compassion.

About the author: Rion Amilcar Scott lives in Beltsville, MD with his wife and son. He tweets @reeamilcarscott.

About the operative: Cassandra Gillig is really hot. Like, really hot.


Stay tuned. Later this week, perhaps the best set of Action Shots ever. You may have noticed our slugabugness lately: pardon. Our curator is overworked and deprived of essential vitamins. Rest assured there will always be someone kicking in these parts, as long as there’s a dude with a tiny hammer.

Eat hummus, love thy neighbor.


Issue Forty-Six!!

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WELCOME BACK YOU SPRING BREAKERS. With all the debauchery out of your system, we hope you can enjoy this latest issue of the Safety Pin Review, which itself reflects on a heated night from long ago, in that other tropical state: Indiana.

ISSUE FORTY-SIX (3/25/13):



by J. Bradley

Operative: Dirk Walker (Indianapolis, IN)

Operative: Dirk Walker (Indianapolis, IN)

About the author: J. Bradley is the author of Bodies Made of Smoke. He lives at

About the operative: Dirk Walker is host of the podcast Inside Joke. When he’s not podcasting, he likes to perform stand up comedy and spin some of the funkiest music the Bible Belt has never heard. You can follow him on Twitter at @dirkwalker.

Issue Forty-Five!!

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OUT WITH THE OLD: the SPR is proud to present its 45th issue, worn within the wide, wide, w  i     d    e  state of Texas by Operative Joey Holloway:






by Cassandra Gillig

Operative: Joey Holloway (Austin, TX)

Operative: Joey Holloway (Austin, TX)

About the author: Cassandra Gillig is 20 and lives in New Brunswick, NJ.

About the operative: Joey Holloway loves soft lighting, picaresque novels, and fluffy quiche. This is why he moved to Texas.


Stay tuned. You know these action photos will be good, because everything’s bigger in Texas. You know the things.

Issue Forty-Four!!

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Hello! And welcome back! Here, we present the beginnings of our 44th issue, and offer our readers special greetings from New York City, the new base of operations for the Safety Pin Review (rocketing out of the cheery Midwestern environs of Ohio and Indiana and INTO UNCERTAINTY). This week, we bring you fiction from Chicago via Portland, OR, worn by Operative Robert Duncan Gray, himself a transplant extraordinaire. Grab your DIY-weapons and let’s do it up:



“We Can’t Count the Chalk Outlines”

by Joshua Young

issue 44 portrait

Operative: Robert Duncan Gray (Portland, OR)

About the author: Joshua Young is the author of collaborative collection written with Chas Hoppe, The Diegesis (Gold Wake Press), To the Chapel of Light (Mud Luscious Press/Nephew), and When the Wolves Quit: A Play-in-Verse (Gold Wake Press). He teaches writing and co-edits the Columbia Poetry Review. For now, he lives in Chicago with his wife, their son, and their dog. For info on his writing, films, and other projects visit

About the operative: Robert Duncan Gray was born in England, grew up in Germany and currently lives and works in Portland, OR. He is an editor for HOUSEFIRE BOOKS and the author of CABBAGE LANGUAGE (HOUSEFIRE 2013).