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WOLF LEVEL: Issue 47 Action Shots!

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The best: we bring to you Action Shots of Rion Amilcar Scott’s story from Issue 47, alongside the astute academic analysis Operative Cassandra Gillig is known for. And I quote:

issue 47 (1)


This photo was taken in Hoboken, NJ. New Jersey is the most underrated state in the US. Later this day I went to see my friend Rory’s band play at Maxwell’s, a small yet somewhat famous venue. His parents attended, which I found endearing. They also brought more parents with them. There was a lot of gorgeous dad dancing. One mother stopped me and said, “What is on your back? It is very violent.” Parents just don’t understand!

issue 47 (2)


This photo was taken in New Brunswick, NJ, where I live with my husband and three wonderful children. My children asked me about Rion’s poem, and I said “Mommy’s working!” and spanked them and sent them back to their rooms. My youngest, Spencer, is such a troublemaker! I love my family so much! My husband said Rion’s poem is very Kafkaesque and then we started to file our taxes and make a grocery list – he is so good to me, my husband.

issue 47 (3)


This photo was taken in a hospital. My friend Jennifer’s kidneys are broken. It is cute because my pancreas is broken, so we have both taken each other to the hospital. I made Jennifer take this photo while she was on morphine and kind of giddy. There are – mysteriously – no other people in this photo. Maybe it was a ghost hospital. Who is to say? Jennifer is mostly better now. One nurse said – as I walked past her in the hallway – ”‘Them wolfs’?  Isn’t it ‘wolves’?” “I don’t know,” I told her, “I’m pretty sure it’s ‘wolfs.’”

issue 47 (4)


This photo was taken in New York, NY. I’m all up on Frederick Douglass. Frederick Douglass read Rion’s poem and was like “Damn.” I was like “I know” and he was like “Do you want to go out to dinner sometime?” and I was like “I can’t, I’m married, you know that” and he put two fingers to my lips and said, “Shh baby never say never” and I was like “I didn’t even say never” then literally he froze into stone and that is how the statue of Frederick Douglass in front of the New York Historical Society came to be. Absolutely do not trust any other account.

issue 47 (5)


This photo was also taken in New York, NY. Here you can see how excellent I am at napping in museums. This entire exhibit was paintings of goddamn birds AKA FOR THE BIRDS. A woman in the museum bathroom said, “Well that is just lovely.” I told her, “Go away I don’t want to talk to you!!!” and spit water on her dress. Bird people ew!!!!

issue 47 (6)


This photo is a bonus picture that is on some MC Escher shit get on my level.


Thank you, Cassandra. Thank you, Rion.

Issue Forty-Seven!!

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Our 47th issue comes to us from Maryland by way of New Jersey, where it was worn by intrepid Operative Cassandra through times both thick and thin. You will see them. In the meantime, you will see this:



“Them Wolfs Who Laugh Like Hyenas”

by Rion Amilcar Scott

Operative: Cassandra Gillig (New Brunswick, NJ)

Operative: Cassandra Gillig (New Brunswick, NJ)


Busted curb trip me, man. Lip split wide open. I let out a blood- raw yelp, blowing red spit bubbles. White wolf by the door laugh. Them wolfs got no compassion.

About the author: Rion Amilcar Scott lives in Beltsville, MD with his wife and son. He tweets @reeamilcarscott.

About the operative: Cassandra Gillig is really hot. Like, really hot.


Stay tuned. Later this week, perhaps the best set of Action Shots ever. You may have noticed our slugabugness lately: pardon. Our curator is overworked and deprived of essential vitamins. Rest assured there will always be someone kicking in these parts, as long as there’s a dude with a tiny hammer.

Eat hummus, love thy neighbor.