Issue Fifty!!

WELCOME. I realize that we’ve been away for a little while (a bit over a month, all told), but we are BACK with Issue 50 (!!!!), worn by Operative Ashley around Orange County, CA. In the intervening time, we passed our two-year anniversary, which is also something. We are toddling now.

ISSUE FIFTY (9/30/13):


“The Way We Count to Infinity”

by Alisa Golden

Operative: Ashley Tobin (Orange County, CA)

Operative: Ashley Tobin (Orange County, CA)

About the author: Alisa Golden is the editor of Star 82 Review and teaches at California College of the Arts, where her students set their words in metal type and print them via letterpress (

About the operative: Ashley Tobin is a sophomore at Orange County School of the Arts. She is enrolled in the Creative Writing conservatory, and very much enjoys  writing poetry, flash fiction, and short stories. Ashley is finding it very difficult to write her bio, and decided to end it here.


Stay tuned for action shots to come later this week, and please note that submissions are now OPEN. We’ll be responding to all of your pending submissions in the next two weeks. Thanks to all of you for being so patient while we catch up with ourselves.

One Response to “Issue Fifty!!”

  1. I loved this, so interesting and profound. No prejudice implied. ~ Aunt Cheryl 😉

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