Issue Forty-Four!!

Hello! And welcome back! Here, we present the beginnings of our 44th issue, and offer our readers special greetings from New York City, the new base of operations for the Safety Pin Review (rocketing out of the cheery Midwestern environs of Ohio and Indiana and INTO UNCERTAINTY). This week, we bring you fiction from Chicago via Portland, OR, worn by Operative Robert Duncan Gray, himself a transplant extraordinaire. Grab your DIY-weapons and let’s do it up:



“We Can’t Count the Chalk Outlines”

by Joshua Young

issue 44 portrait

Operative: Robert Duncan Gray (Portland, OR)

About the author: Joshua Young is the author of collaborative collection written with Chas Hoppe, The Diegesis (Gold Wake Press), To the Chapel of Light (Mud Luscious Press/Nephew), and When the Wolves Quit: A Play-in-Verse (Gold Wake Press). He teaches writing and co-edits the Columbia Poetry Review. For now, he lives in Chicago with his wife, their son, and their dog. For info on his writing, films, and other projects visit

About the operative: Robert Duncan Gray was born in England, grew up in Germany and currently lives and works in Portland, OR. He is an editor for HOUSEFIRE BOOKS and the author of CABBAGE LANGUAGE (HOUSEFIRE 2013).


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