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Hoodie Madness: Issue 31 Action Shots

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Joshua Young took Lorrie’s story on the road. We are proud to present here two mammoth photos from our thirty-first issue’s journey across Washington. During its tenure on the back of this operative, Lorrie’s story has seen two rock shows, Yakima, Cowiche, Rainier Beach in Seattle, Kirkland, Juanita, and Bellingham (there, on a film set). We are exhausted from all of this traveling.

Breaking Mirrors


And yet we disobey.


*Dead Kennedys Reference*

Forty thousand hands of applause to Joshua Young for wearing this story to the bone.

Issue Thirty-One!!

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We have jumped the thirty-issue hump and are ready with a sublime piece of civil disobedience. This is where it’s always been and where it will always be. Presenting, without (much) preamble, the Safety Pin Review’s thirty-first issue, born in the streets of Syracuse and worn to the very fringes of Washington by Joshua Young. Here we are:



“Civil Disobedience in America”

by Lorrie Sprecher

Operative: Joshua Young (around, Washington)

About the author: Lorrie Sprecher is the author of the punk, lesbian novel Sister Safety Pin.  She resides in Syracuse, New York with her dog Kurt.

About the operative: Joshua Young studies poetry in the MFA program at Columbia College Chicago, where he teaches and serves as an editor for the Columbia Poetry Review. He is the author of When the Wolves Quit: A Play in Verse (Gold Wake Press) and To the Chapel of Light (Mud Luscious Press/Nephew), as well as the forthcoming, The Diegesis, written with Chas Hoppe (Gold Wake Press 2013). He lives in a really cool apartment in the Lincoln Square neighborhood with his wife, their son, and their dog.