Issue Forty-Seven!!

Our 47th issue comes to us from Maryland by way of New Jersey, where it was worn by intrepid Operative Cassandra through times both thick and thin. You will see them. In the meantime, you will see this:



“Them Wolfs Who Laugh Like Hyenas”

by Rion Amilcar Scott

Operative: Cassandra Gillig (New Brunswick, NJ)

Operative: Cassandra Gillig (New Brunswick, NJ)


Busted curb trip me, man. Lip split wide open. I let out a blood- raw yelp, blowing red spit bubbles. White wolf by the door laugh. Them wolfs got no compassion.

About the author: Rion Amilcar Scott lives in Beltsville, MD with his wife and son. He tweets @reeamilcarscott.

About the operative: Cassandra Gillig is really hot. Like, really hot.


Stay tuned. Later this week, perhaps the best set of Action Shots ever. You may have noticed our slugabugness lately: pardon. Our curator is overworked and deprived of essential vitamins. Rest assured there will always be someone kicking in these parts, as long as there’s a dude with a tiny hammer.

Eat hummus, love thy neighbor.



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  1. […] 47 of the Safety Pin Review features a little piece by Issue Two contributor Rion Amilcar Scott, THEM WOLFS WHO LAUGH LIKE HYENAS. The piece is worn by the wonderful Cassandra […]

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