The Eye of the Killer: Action Shots 3-5

The SPR explodes in color with three more glorious Action Shots from Issue Eight!

Look at the composition of this shot. JUST LOOK AT IT.

Fresh Produce (NYC)

Our operative Brian Hurley had this to say about his experience thus far:

A couple of times while wearing the story around, or wrangling through crowds for a better shot, I asked myself “Why am I doing this again? This thing that takes time and effort and doesn’t really benefit me at all?” And instantly a voice would say “Because this project is fucking awesome, that’s why. Awesome in a way that needs no reward or justification. It just needs to be.”

Right on, brother!

A Riot of Colors and Flavors

Awesomeness. And a third:

"Lost & Searching in America"

Stay tuned for Issue Nine, starting Monday, featuring a lot of classy gentlemen.


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