Mauling Wales: Issue 39 Action Shots!

We are proud to present the following Action Shots, brought to us off the rainy streets and from the shiny white malls of Cardiff, Wales by Operative Rebecca L. Brown, sporting her some Mel Bosworth.  BRING IT ON, Welsh-style:


Look at the way the floor pattern moves!

Pondershot #1

Mel’s story inspires deep stares.


This mall; Grecian, in its dimensions.

Pondershot #2


Pondershot #3


Pondershot #4


ACCESSORIZE THIS (Pondershot #5)

Ghosts in boxes.

The Coming Hordes


City Glaze

This is visual poetry.



Hand in Hand in Umbrella


An enormous round of applause to our operative abroad, Rebecca, for making this happen, and to Mel Bosworth, for taking us down so damn far.


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