The SPR International

We have been erratic as of late. There are exciting things to come, though, heralded by this tweet:

Over the next month or so we are going to such exciting places. But first look where we’ve already been: Here we are in a really great article in Finzioni, an Italian literary/cultural magazine. If you don’t know Italian, run it through Google Translate. It will probably make your day a lot better. Thanks to Viviana Lisanti, who took the SPR to a whole new level.

Up until recently, I’ve tried to maintain the Safety Pin Review as a weekly magazine. But lately, it’s become impossible. Because all of our operatives are volunteers with crazy life-schedules of their own to deal with, it isn’t always possible to post issues and Action Shots as consistently as we’d like.

A lot of factors need to line up together in order to put together a great SPR issue, and, understandably, sometimes one falls out of place and things just don’t work out. Operatives have been known to disappear. Bearing this in mind, let’s go ahead and consider the Safety Pin Review a weekly, biweekly, and monthly magazine all at once. Rest assured we are always working, and will always strive to put out a quality issue, whenever it goes up. Word.

Our next issue should go up this week or next week, and then we should be on a steady stream for a while.

While you wait, why not peruse our newly updated and comprehensive as heck “Mentions / Press” page? It will probably be a good time. There are different languages there.

See you soon.



2 Responses to “The SPR International”

  1. vlisanti Says:

    Thanks to you and good luck with your project!

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