!!! NEWSFLASH !!!!

Starting approximately next week, the SPR will attempt to feature a bi-weekly (i.e., occasional, between issues) round-up of news from its former contributors and operatives, including recent publications, announcements, awards, events, etc. This column will be called “________” (title to come). So, if you’re a previous contributor or wearer and have some recentish news about you or someone else from the SPR that you’d like to share, and that you think missed the eagle eye of our curator (rare), then please email us at safetypinreview [at] gmail [dot] com with the info and we’ll be sure to include it. Hit us up and LET’S PUBLICIZE THE PEOPLE WE LOVE.

So come on. Let’s do it. PUSH THE WHEEL OF LOVE. (This will probably be the title now.)

We are doing this because we are a huge enormous family. DISPATCH FROM A HUGE ENORMOUS FAMILY. (This could also be the title.)

LASSO OF LOVE (round-up, get it?).

In all likelihood, this will change titles every time.



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