2012 Best of the Net Nominations!!


Welcome, at last, to the Safety Pin Review’s 2012 Best of the Net nominations. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been in existence for over a year.

This was an incredibly difficult and stressful decision to make, and we were unable to select all of the stories we wanted to nominate (which would be all of them, duh, and, the window of eligibility doesn’t cover the entirety of the SPR’s storied [ha!] first year.) But we are in love with what we’ve chosen, as we expect you will be too, or already are. Read them all again, for the fortieth time.

The nominees are…

*opens envelope*


  • Tucker Cummings, “Hic thalamum invasit natae vetitosque hymenaeos.” Issue Nine.
  • David Sklar, “The Fisherman’s Widow.” Issue Twenty-Eight.


  • Doug Paul Case, “On My Spaceship.” Issue Seven.
  • Laura Hallman. “The Science of Your Intimacy Phobia.” Issue Twenty.
  • Casey Hannan, “Where to Put Your Hand.” Issue Nineteen.
  • Brian Hurley, “High Five.” Issue Five.
  • Sonja Vitow, “After the Punch, Before the Swell.” Issue Twenty-Four.
  • xTx, “When You Take Things That Aren’t Yours.” Issue One.

The quotation marks signify ARBITRARY GENRE DIVISIONS. Word.

Congratulations to all of the nominees, and enormous thanks to all the operatives for taking these stories to such exciting places. Here’s to hoping the SPR fucking storms the competition. With THUNDER-HOOVES.

I am still using the same paintbrush as I was a year ago.

Thank you all, readers and writers, for meaning the world to me.

3 Responses to “2012 Best of the Net Nominations!!”

  1. […] thalamum invasit natae vetitosque hymenaeos.” You can read the full list of SPR’s nominees here, and learn more about the goals of Best of the Net […]

  2. All worthy nominees. Issue five rocked my world the first time I read it.

    Congrats on a whole year of awesomeness.

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