Look What Happened: What’s Going on at the SPR

If you’re a regular visitor to the Safety Pin Review site, you’ve no doubt noticed that it’s been a few weeks since we’ve posted a new issue. Here’s what’s up:

Back at the end of February, I mailed a patch with Sharanya Manivannan’s story to an operative in Seattle, but it didn’t arrive on time. I’d been planning to take a week off in early March anyway, so I pushed the date for Sharanya’s story back a week, hoping the story would arrive. It didn’t. After three weeks, I decided the story had been lost somewhere in the mail and went about painting another patch to mail as a replacement.

Meanwhile, last week, I sent a patch to DC—featuring a story by B.J. Jones—and right now, we’re waiting on the photos that were taken of it. This should be posted as a new issue within the next few weeks.

As for Sharanya’s story, “Wishing on Stars,” today I was prepared to mail the second copy when I heard that the original had finally arrived, after a month in transit. God bless the USPS, they do get the job done eventually.

So: Sharanya’s story will be worn next week; this is the plan. The posting of the DC-story will be delayed until I get the photos and can give it a solid week’s worth of publicity on the site.

I’m sorry for the inconsistency, but this tends to be the case when you’ve got stories darting every which way across the country, occasionally at the cost of a totally reliable publishing schedule. In the next month, we’re visiting both coasts, and then, at the end of April, South Korea. In May: Turkey. July: Norway. So yes, exciting times ahead.

This post may be a little too process-heavy to be of much interest, but I just wanted to keep everyone on the up-and-up and make sure you know we’re still alive and kicking quite hard. We want you to know everything that we do.

In the meantime, submissions of course remain open, and we’re waiting on a second shipment of 100 SPR pins so you can wear the SPR wherever you go (check out at least two happy pinners, here and here).



One Response to “Look What Happened: What’s Going on at the SPR”

  1. So now there are two copies (and good to know one has arrived)! If you believe in astrology, this is what might be called a classic Mercury Retrograde snafus. 🙂

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