Me My We the World: Issue 24 Action Shots and Announcements

Oh my. We have so many things to show and tell you. First, on Thursday we were written about in the Los Angeles Times book blog “Jacket Copy” by Carolyn Kellogg, and it has been a surreal deluge of social media ever since. So many Facebook likes, so many retweets, so many new submissions and new friends. Our traffic has spiked to levels unheard of.

From the bottom of our collective hearts, we thank you all so much for your support. It means the world to us. Obviously this feels like a very, very big step.

Yet we have such places to go.

Because You Know that Path Leads Somewhere Special

Places like here, like California, now, this week, our heart of hearts, with our Operative A.K. Mayhew, whose back is now featured so prominently in the LA Times, wearing Sonja Vitow’s brutal little story. Fresh from this week’s operative, we present these gloriously high-defined Action Shots.

The Land of Grass that Is Green

Speaking of which, Sonja has a story in the latest Gulf Coast, and we’ll be damned if it didn’t give us chills. It’s called “Master Bedroom,” and you must read it. You simply must. (The bio says it’s her first publication, but, oh, we know.)

I Just Want Somewhere to Rest My Tired Feet

It’s an exquisite little juxtaposition, we think, the stabbing beauty of Sonja’s SPR story so harmoniously matched with its environs.

A Coffee Is A Coffee Is A Coffee Is A PUNCHINTHEFACE

In the past day the Los Angeles Times article has been tweeted by some of our very favorites, among them: The Lit Pub; “The Book Bench,” The New Yorker’s literary blog; NAP Magazine; J. Bradley; xTx; oh my, there are too many. We thank them all.


And this is to all of you, to each and every one who ever needs a boost: we will always give you a shout-out.

* * *

PS. Some anonymous internet commentators have made snarky remarks about our ‘about’ page and how we pledge that our operatives are a collective network of “punks, thieves, and anarchists.” We tweeted this yesterday, and it should be obvious by now in any case:

2 Responses to “Me My We the World: Issue 24 Action Shots and Announcements”

  1. Congratulations on the mention in LA Times!!

    So cool that the best wearable literary fiction magazine gets a deserved mention there!

  2. Your LA review made it to South Eastern, PA! Keep up the good work. I plan to book mark the site and return for future visits.

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