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The Many Faces of the SPR (Part Two) [More Issue 28 Action Shots]

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Here we are, with the second part of the collection from our so-called (by one of her Korean co-teachers) “fashionista” overseas, of her and her classes in South Korea.

Face of May (in June)




Twos by Threes


Presenting… #2




A Ghost Story


Horn-Rimmed Glasses


Orange Belt Peace


How Many Fingers?


🙂 🙂 🙂


Huge, huge thanks to Kelsey for sending such an awesome batch of photos, and to her students, for being so hands-on. Kelsey has a story forthcoming in the SPR; we hope whoever takes up the job of hosting her work on her back lives up to the standards she’s set! ❤


The Many Faces of the SPR (Part One) [Issue 28 Action Shots!]

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The SPR is proud to present its first installment of photos delivered from our operative in South Korea, Kelsey Kerr (heretofore to be known by her pseudonym, “Kelsey Teacher”), from the English academy where she teaches. Once the iPhone came out, the kids couldn’t get enough.

It’s as good a place for ghost stories as any. After all, someone has to pass the story down to the next generation.

(Due to the number of photos, we’ll be splitting this issue’s Action Shots into two posts.)

The Reading Tree




Two Teachers (Stella and Kelsey!)


Hey Zombie!


The patch is a “mission.”


Lightning Strikes the House on the Cliff


Ringo & Jamie




Kelsey Teacher’s Mascot


The second set of photos will follow later this weekend.:)

Issue Twenty-Eight!!

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HERE WE GO AGAIN. We are beyond thrilled to present the story that made the SPR’s second voyage across the world, this time to Daejeon, South Korea (!), by second-time SPR operative (and soon-to-be SPR author) Kelsey Kerr, who’s teaching at an English academy there. It received mucho attention overseas, adorable evidence of which is to follow throughout this week. Now, a ghost story:


The Fisherman’s Widow

by David Sklar

Operative: Kelsey Kerr (Daejeon, Korea)

About the author: David Sklar writes in the spaces between the impossible magic of legend, the inscrutable magic of dreams, and the breathtaking, everyday magic of the world in which we live. (

About the operative: Kelsey Kerr is from Pittsburgh, PA. She recently graduated from Denison University and currently teaches English in South Korea. You’ll find her poem “Sawed” in the current issue of The Susquehanna Review. (

Chronic Depression Lasts Longer Than A Week: Action Shots from Issue Eighteen

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Finally, at long last, largely due to busyness on my part (apologies), we have an eclectic collection of Action Shots from last week’s story by mensah demary, worn about Wooster, OH and Louisville, KY by our fabulous operative Kelsey Kerr. See! these glorious photos, as narrated by the operative herself:

Candy-Colored Misery

Taken in a party store in Wooster. I happened to wander in there after Walmart. Sadly, no one commented on the patch at this location.
I will say that I found the contrast of the party store and the poem quite amusing.

Banks Inspire Depression.

By Chase in Wooster. While I was in line waiting to deposit a check, a woman stopped me, saying she was trying to read my back but that she was having difficulty. I gingerly moved my purse strap out of her way.

We Only Talk to Animals Now

A Petco in Wooster. Oh, the adventures of Petco. Both my puppy and I had a good time there. He got some bitches while getting his nails groomed, so I was told, and I got frisked by an employee’s eyes. She stopped me to tell me how much she enjoyed the piece.

Forever Low Every Day

At the Walmart in Louisville, KY when a woman read the poem as she was strolling her young daughter into the store.

Prep Time

In Louisville before going out on the town on Saturday night.

Pluto Is No Longer A Planet

This group was taken out on the town Saturday night. I went out with my boyfriend, Mac Kelly’s family. His cousin Erin’s also in some of the shots. We went to dinner, then went bar hopping, which included some drinking of Mamajauna and dancing. No comments on the prose piece, but maybe that’s become patrons at the places we attended had a bit distracted minds.




These next two were taken at Lynn’s Paradise Cafe in Louisville. It’s a pretty well-known tourist spot, with delicious food. Today was Lima Bean Day, so there were free lima beans for everyone with every meal. In the shot, I’m wearing a Dr. Seuss hat. There are many fun hats in the restaurant’s shop, which people like to put on for photos.

Funny Hats #1 (I Feel Shrimpy Today)


Funny Hats #2 (Redux)

In my boyfriend’s father’s condo with our puppy, Charlie, who loves my jacket and is always getting it coated in fur. (Hence, all the fur on my jacket in the shots.)


Stay tuned for photos of Casey Hannan’s story later on this week.

Issue Eighteen!!

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Welcome, friends old and new, to the latest installment of the Safety Pin Review. I’m happy to say that I’m back on the radio; you can download today’s show right here, featuring this week’s story alongside the always colorful commentary of the editor. This week’s operative is the lovely Kelsey Kerr, who will be wearing Issue Eighteen around Wooster, OH. Now here goes:



“Depression’s Saturday”

by mensah demary

Operative: Kelsey Kerr (Wooster, OH)

About the author: mensah demary, whose prose has appeared or is forthcoming in various publications, is co-founder & editor-in-chief of Specter. Find him at

About the operative: Kelsey Kerr is from Pittsburgh, PA. She recently graduated from Denison University and is currently living in Wooster, OH. This spring, she will travel to South Korea to teach English. You’ll find her poem “Sawed” in an upcoming issue of The Susquehanna Review.