We are back.

We had a small presence at AWP, in the form of our shy, unassuming yet gleamy-headed curator, who carried buttons and went tracking down SPR contributors, one after another after another. But again, here we are, a couple buttons and many dollars poorer but with just as much enthusiasm as ever.

Here is a modest kind of roundup telling you all of the meaningful and impressive things our contributors are doing:

The SPR gets its luscious right: TWO of our contributors have just-announced Nephew-books from Mud Luscious Press coming out next year:

1) Russ Woods will be publishing Sara (which includes his poem “SALAD” that originally appeared in our quilt), AND

2) David Greenspan’s got How They Strike a Balance, which will bring his published book-total up to like 37 or some shit.

Speaking of that guy, Berfrois is serializing 10 of his poems this month. 3 of them are up right now. A machine, this one.

Ken Baumann’s book Solip is frighteningly close. All eager hands on deck.

Brandi Wells has 5 tiny things in Knee-Jerk that will knock you up and down and all around with dinosaurs and bears and tuxedos and death.

Meanwhile, Operative Delaney Nolan continues to burn and burn.

Sharanya Manivannan won a Best of the Net award for her story “Nine Postcards from the Pondicherry Border,” which previously appeared in Flycatcher.

And Berit Ellingsen continues to do fascinating things with language in Requited, in “Tache Noire,” a story about serial killings but in a way that you certainly haven’t seen before.

Kudos to all.

If you feel you’ve been left out or have something to report, give us a shout. We like shouting, so long as it’s done quietly and with deadly accuracy.


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