PUSH THE WHEEL OF LOVE: 2/1 Contributor Round-Up

Well, here it is. The first-ever SPR contributor round-up, attempting to corral all of our writers and operatives into the same digital space.

We can’t possibly make up for all the lost time, but we’re trying. LOOK AT HOW BIG WE ARE:

First! BOOKS! (Because SPR people are accomplished like that).

Berit Ellingsen’s collection of short stories, Beneath the Liquid Skin, was released a few months ago from firthFORTH Books, and one of its stories, “The White,” was recently featured on the Weird Fiction Review. You can read another story, “The Love Decay Has for the Living,” in the second issue of Unstuck, which is a 500-page behemoth (and you can read an excerpt of Berit’s story on the site).

Casey Hannan’s magical book of short stories, Mother Ghost, can be pre-ordered from Tiny Hardcore. Just look at that cover. Stroke it. Slowly.

(Also, he has a recent story in Wigleaf, called “The Long Beep,” and it is painful in the best kind of way.)

Chad Redden’s little book Thursday is finally, finally out and into the world, from Plain Wrap Press.

xTx has a new Nephew out from Mud Luscious, Billie the Bull. It’s an innards-scraper.

Joshua Young has a new book coming this month with Chas Hoppe from Gold Wake Press called The Diegesis.

David James Keaton has a book a-coming in May from Comet Press called Fish Bites Cop! Stories to Bash Authorities, a story in the latest Pulp Modern, and an essay in Punchnel’s about bein’ nasty. 

The SPR is proud of its two cousins with new and shiny books out from Housefire:

Two-timing contributor J. Bradley has a novella, Bodies Made of Smoke, replete with Highlander and gods and Freddie Mercury (and to which our curator offered a back-cover blurb).

Also, dig just-operative Robert Duncan Gray’s Cabbage Language

Russ Woods just put out a lovely new e-chapbook called “p e r m a f r o s t .” He does such wonderful things with spaces.

Delaney Nolan and Sharanya Manivannan both have amazing stories in Hobart 14

The second issue of Sundog Lit is out and about and features a story from operative Delaney Nolan, a poem from J. Bradley, and goats from Brandi Wells. Goats.

Heavy Feather Review 2.1 has work from Tyler Gobble, Delaney Nolan, David Tomaloff, Brandi Wells, and Joshua Young.

(Brandi Wells has been approximately everywhere, +3.)

Finally, a couple of calls for submissions from the family:

Fiction Advocate – the small press and book blog co-run by SPR operative and contributor Brian Hurley – is open for book reviews and fiction manuscripts.

And Cathy Schmitz – SPR megafan, supporter, enthusiast, and perennial first-liker on Facebook – has started up a new quarterly journal, Laughing Earth Lit, which is currently open for submissions. Check it out!


Today, we are the proudest of aunts.

(We try to keep as up-to-date as possible, but if you’re an past contributor/operative/person of vested interest and feel that we might miss something, feel free to email us.)

Happy Friday.


2 Responses to “PUSH THE WHEEL OF LOVE: 2/1 Contributor Round-Up”

  1. Wow, you guys are comprehensive! (And thank you – I am so glad you read my story in Hobart 14, and enjoyed it) 🙂

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