Issue Forty-Three!!

HARO! Happy New Year! To celebrate, we are proud to present our forty-third issue, written from Chicago and worn, serendipitously, by another Orange, CA hooligan, Operative Lauren Sarazen. BRING IT:




by Noelle Rose

Operative: Lauren Sarazen (Orange, CA)

Operative: Lauren Sarazen (Orange, CA)

About the author: Noelle Rose lives and writes in Chicago.

About the operative: Lauren Sarazen is studying Creative Writing at Chapman University. She loves writing about roller skating, swing dancing, and vintage people, among other things. Check out her work in Silhouette: Bold Lines and Voices from WriteGirl, Beyond Words: The Creative Voices of WriteGirl, and Calliope. Currently, she serves as an editorial board member for Calliope, interns for Paper Farms, and blogs for The Daily Tunage.


Oh hey, the Safety Pin Review has made a few year-end roundups, captured here at Vouched and hereabouts by David Greenspan. Mucho thanks to Tyler Gobble and David, two boosters supreme.



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