Issue Forty-Two!!

Issue 42 comes to us off the drifted streets of Buffalo, NY, spirited all the way across the country to Orange, CA, and worn by Operative Jesus just in time for the holiday season (42? holy cow, we’re really racking ’em in). Polarities, folks. We dig ’em. Hold onto your hats:

ISSUE FORTY-TWO (12/17/12):


“Waking Up at 7:00 in the Morning”

by Joseph Jacobs

Operative: Jesus Perez (Orange, CA)

Operative: Jesus Perez (Orange, CA)

If you’re at all uncertain, here is your starkness again:

It was then that he
realized that the faint
contribution he provided
for the dark, lonesome life
he called “his city” was
nothing more than a sad
attempt at content.

About the author: Joseph Jacobs is an elementary school teacher.  He lives in Buffalo, NY.

About the operative: Jesus Perez is a junior at Orange County School of the Arts. He is enrolled in the Creative Writing Conservatory and is interested in writing short stories, satires, and comedy.


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