And After It All, Something Called Stillness: Issue 41 Action Shots!

We have, shooting outta Dayton, OH, some of the best action shots ever, courtesy of Operative Rabbi David, who strutted his wearing stuff while leading Shabbat services, teaching Krav Maga, and hanging out with his kids. Seriously, this is gonna make you wanna hug someone pretty hard.

Your Very Own Outdoor Shabbat

: D

Children in the Midwest (Your Very Own Outdoor Shabbat #2)

In all honesty, these are some of my favorite action shots so far. Ever.


Israeli Martial Art

Here, Rabbi David teaches a Krav Maga class, which is Israel’s martial arts/self-defense system, creating a legion of Jews exceptionally well-prepared for hand-to-hand combat.

The counter-attacks are brutal.

Like, a really hard & unexpected hug.



Of course there is also time for more sensitive pursuits, such as buying salads.


…or taking care of one’s daughter.

Wherever You Go It Is Pronounced the Same

: D

Ordering Up a Shabbat Burrito

Of course, it all comes back to the everyone.

The Healing Prayer (Your Very Own Outdoor Shabbat #3)

I think that, given everything, this poem and its wearing– they have certain beautiful thematic relevancies.

Always nice to see things turn out relatively alright.

Before the Ark

Congruency, that’s the word.

Before & After A Day

And that’s it.


Simon, Tyler, & Rabbi David


2 Responses to “And After It All, Something Called Stillness: Issue 41 Action Shots!”

  1. D BURSTEIN Says:

    thanks so much for letting me wear tho styler it was an honor

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