Issue Thirty-Five!!

WOW. Thirty-five issues. It’s been a long time. This week, we’re being worn around the Minneapolis/St. Paul area by none other than Operative Tyler, the first person to whom the hare-brained scheme that was SPR was described almost a year ago, with a piece of poetry contributed by the ultimate in literary wanderlust. LET’S GO:



Steve Roggenbuck

Operative: Tyler Pry (Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN)

About the author: Steve Roggenbuck is a traveling poet and video blogger. Here are his website and twitter and facebook.

About the operative: While not teaching children how to read in AmeriCorps, Tyler Pry is training for a marathon and putting off ’til tomorrow what should be done today.


Next month, we’ll celebrate our first year of existence (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT I SURE CAN’T NOPE), hopefully with prizes. x


3 Responses to “Issue Thirty-Five!!”

  1. I hope I see this in person!

  2. Beautifully written and painted.

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