Issue Thirty-Four!!

For the latest issue of the Safety Pin Review, we have once again traveled far across the seas, this time, allllll the way to Stavanger, Norway, land of the fjords, where this story was worn by previous SPR contributor Berit Ellingsen. There are pictures of thousands to come, but in the meantime, HERE LOOK THERE IT IS CATCH IT BEFORE THE DISCORD HITS YOU:



For Sale: Sold”

by Chad Patton

Operative: Berit Ellingsen (Stavanger, Norway)

In case you have trouble reading, the story goes a little sumthin’ like this:

For Sale:  Sold
She heard the noise;
I heard it too. We
looked in places unexplor-
ed, nooks and crannies,
ceilings and floors.
We found each other,
nothing more.

About the author: Chad Patton is a graduate of Grand Valley State University and lives in Grand Rapids, MI. His works can be seen in Unstuck‘s Twitter Fiction Contest, Specter Magazine, and Commas and Colons. He is currently working on a novel about Nicaragua. You can find his tweets under @chadisman.

About the operative: Berit Ellingsen is a Korean-Norwegian writer whose stories have appeared in many places online and in print. Her novel, The Empty City, is a story about silence. Find out more at


Stay tuned for the throngs, later this week. Oh yes, the throngs.


5 Responses to “Issue Thirty-Four!!”

  1. Thank you very much Simon and Chad! 🙂

    Was great fun to wear a story for SPR!

    Love your presentations of the stories, Simon!

  2. Really like this particular story, from the title to the rhyme to the way it packs a whole lot of story into just a few lines.

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