A GIANT FREAKING VEGETABLE :) Issue 33 Action Shots!!

Wor(l)d: for your adoration, these action shots, featuring Operative Erin wearing Russ‘s(‘s) story from our 33rd issue around Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

First, we have two pictures from Jazzercise. Because no two things go better together than salads and exercise (because they are both healthy, right).

Fix Ur Muskles

Please imagine: exercising inside a giant salad. You would never find your footing, because you would always be sinking. Fine for sleeping, but, please, have you ever tried dancing on an enormous tomato?


I didn’t think so.

These next two are from a place called the Hip Stitch (in Arabic, phonetically: هيب ستيتش) in Albuquerque.

I Got You This Muscleman for Christmas

This is some fabric featuring hunky men at Christmastime. I will one day have pants made out of hunky men (although my men will be outdoorsy, not Christmasy).

Anne is All Thumbs

Here is Flat Anne. She travels all over the world. She and Sara and Sara’s dog would probably be good friends.

One Enormous Vegetable


A GIANT PUMPKIN. At a bio park.

Hello, Mr. Punkin.


On the train to Santa Fe. This small child would get along with Sara’s dog, and Sara too. She seems very agreeable. And cute.

“Can You Do Black Sabbath?”

Russ Woods’s poetry, read to harp accompaniment.




(not a dog)


Fiiiissshhhhh Heeeeeeeeeaaaaddddds

Sandfish (Not For Eating).


Double-teaming the SPR. This our operative’s mother, Meg. Aforementioned adorable child Lily seems very wary, in her polka dots.


Hopefully these made you a little bit happier.

See you next week. : )


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