I Am Trying Really Hard Not to Run Away:Issue 32 Action Shots

It is with great pleasure that we present here the products of the little media blitz that Rebecca Haze initiated while wearing David Greenspan’s story for this week’s issue. Kicking up dust around the campus of Skidmore College. The results, in various forms, are as follows:

This post appeared on Facebook, a herald of things to come.

The story was worn in the wherabouts of Skidmore College during a month-long young writers’ conference, where, obviously, each and every attending writer was skooled by the words of Dave Greenspan.

From her shell, Rebecca wrote a preview review before things got going.


For the first time in SPR history, a story was worn on the front rather than the back.

Then she scooped us on our own story.


Finally, she ruminated on the conference and about the nightmares of the phrase ‘popcorn ceiling.’


Meanwhile, she tweeted.

Huge thanks to Rebecca for wearing the story and David Greenspan, as always, for making the words sing so loud.

Brody Dalle would be proud.


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