Issue Thirty!!

At long, long last, the Safety Pin Review’s storied (and long, long anticipated) thirtieth issue hits computer screens everywhere and the streets of one particular Indiana town. This feels like an anniversary. We have as our operative this week Dirk Walker, radio-ist supreme and rocker of the SPR’s first denim jacket. Welcome, prepare to be blown away. Don’t touch that dial! Presenting:

ISSUE THIRTY (6/25/12):


“Monty Hall Would Not Be Amused”

by B.J. Jones

Operative: Dirk Walker (Fort Wayne, IN)

About the author: B.J. Jones (@beej_jones) writes poetry, nonfiction essays, short fiction, and short short fiction. His poetry, nonfiction, and short short fiction have been published in various literary journals. He needs to work on his short fiction.

About the operative: Dirk Walker is the Podcast Director at Specter Magazine and host of the Specter Lit Podcast. When he’s not narrating the world of alt lit, he’s spinning some of the funkiest music the Bible Belt has never heard and working on his brand new podcast, Inside Joke. You can follow him on Twitter @dirkwalker.


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