The Many Faces of the SPR (Part One) [Issue 28 Action Shots!]

The SPR is proud to present its first installment of photos delivered from our operative in South Korea, Kelsey Kerr (heretofore to be known by her pseudonym, “Kelsey Teacher”), from the English academy where she teaches. Once the iPhone came out, the kids couldn’t get enough.

It’s as good a place for ghost stories as any. After all, someone has to pass the story down to the next generation.

(Due to the number of photos, we’ll be splitting this issue’s Action Shots into two posts.)

The Reading Tree




Two Teachers (Stella and Kelsey!)


Hey Zombie!


The patch is a “mission.”


Lightning Strikes the House on the Cliff


Ringo & Jamie




Kelsey Teacher’s Mascot


The second set of photos will follow later this weekend.:)


6 Responses to “The Many Faces of the SPR (Part One) [Issue 28 Action Shots!]”

  1. Rarely is my work quite so beautifully displayed. Thank you!

    Love the Reading Tree. And how the print on the back of the shirt looks kind of like fish scales and kind of like curtains…

  2. […] I’ve done a bit of writing and am working on getting poetry published where I can. You can find my piece “Sawed” in The Susquehanna Review and I’ve also been an operative, wearing flash fiction pieces, for the Safety Pin Review. I’ll be an up-and-coming author for that journal in the near future. Current endeavors with SPR can be found at: […]

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