Pictures of Ruin: Issue 26 Action Shots

Here we are, with an exceptionally epic set of Action Shots from our first operative abroad, Jeremy Reed exploring the ruins of Miletus in Turkey with David Tomaloff’s little piece of theatre.

Imagine all the dead watching.

Look At This Ruined Place

The coliseum feels like appropriate context.

The Bones of Bones We Cannot Leave Behind


Quiet With Terminal Sickness


I Am Not Alone in This Land of Ghosts

Minotaur #2

Don’t go.

Smite the Fuck Outta this Photo

Broken columns like teeth.

We Walk These Plains With Our Peers and Face the Emptiness Like Full-Grown Adults

Mega-thanks to Operative Jeremy Reed for taking the SPR to such exciting and far-flung places. YAA’s forever.

* * *

P.S. Did you know that we now have a listing at Poets & Writers? We feel so very established.


2 Responses to “Pictures of Ruin: Issue 26 Action Shots”

  1. Photocred: Tara 😛

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