Issue Twenty-Six!!

At last, we’ve come upon our glorious twenty-sixth issue, and what an issue it is. This one’s being worn by Operative Jeremy, a native of North Carolina, but who’s wearing the story this week around Turkey (yes! Turkey!) during a month-long stay. So stay tuned for killer photos. We’ve got ruins for ya. The SPR proudly presents:



“The Kitchen Sink Compares Itself to You”

by David Tomaloff

Operative: Jeremy Reed (various places around Turkey, the World)

About the author: David Tomaloff is a writer, photographer, musician, and all-around bad influence. His work has appeared in chapbooks, anthologies, and fine publications such as Mud Luscious, >kill author, & PANK.

About the operative: Jeremy Reed is a wandering drummer constantly questing for the pathway into the 4th Dimension of the Timewave.

* * *

Also! We were recently written up in the Dayton Daily News, our editor’s hometown paper. Read all about us. Superspecial thanks to the stellar Sharon Short for putting that all together. (And you can see xTx’s story again; weird in the physical edition of the newspaper because it’s like seeing hand-print in photo in print. Or something.)


5 Responses to “Issue Twenty-Six!!”

  1. […] poem I wrote, THE KITCHEN SINK COMPARES ITSELF TO YOU, is currently loose and wandering the streets of Turkey thanks to Simon Jacobs at Safety Pin Review […]

  2. Enjoyed this particular story a lot!

    And great to hear SPR is mentioned in your home town newspaper, Jacob!

  3. […] might remember my piece in Safety Pin Review #26, THE KITCHEN SINK COMPARES ITSELF TO YOU. Well, Simon has posted updates of my story wearing its operative, Jeremy Reed, through the ruins […]

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