Issue Twenty-Five!!

And here we are, with the Safety Pin Review’s twenty-fifth issue. This story is being worn this week by Operative Sonja Vitow (Boston, MA), author of our much-lauded twenty-fourth issue– and is the second piece of our coastal swap. California and Boston. Let’s do it up. Dig it:



“Missing Childhood”

by A.K. Mayhew

Operative: Sonja Vitow (Boston, MA)

About the author: A.K. Mayhew is working on her undergraduate degree in the suburbs of Los Angeles. She writes about literature at and for The Specter Collective.

About the operative: Sonja Vitow (Boston, MA) calls herself a writer when she’s drunk. She is the central focus for Stephen King’s highly anticipated coming-of-age novel, “Little House on the Landfill.”


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